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Not everyone is interested in purchasing top of the range tires for their vehicles. Not only due to personal preference but also – and it is especially relevant in these times – simply due to the economic climate that we live in.

We cannot all afford top of the range. That is why we have taken the time to give you more insight into the world of tires and some more budget friendly options that can be used as effective replacements for the more premium tires on the market.


Westlake SU318 All Season

SU318 All Season Radical

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Westlake SL369 All Season

SL369 All Season Radical

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Westlake RP18 All Season

RP18 All Season Radical

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Westlake Tires Overall Assessment


Westlake Tires, while manufactured at the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company plant in China, are sold throughout the United States and Canada.

Although these tires do not compete in the same space as the more premium options on the market, they are looked at as highly effective replacement models for when you simply just need a quick and easy solution. Often the price of a full set of tires is a bit daunting for some, which leads people to buying sub-standard replacements that often experience major wear and tear, not to mention the tread being worn out at a faster pace.

westlake tires review

Westlake Tires provides an alternative that although might not be top of the range, it is still economically viable and safer than some of the lesser options. In conclusion, they provide above-average quality tires and for a price lower than the standard tires on the market.


Not only affordable, the tires have a reputation for being the better option due to the fact that they offer above average quality tires for a multitude of terrains and vehicle categories. These tires are not only cheaper, but they are also a better option than used tires.

The diverse options available at Westlake Tires allow for drivers of a variety of terrains and a variety of vehicle types to find a set of tires that works for them, at a lower price but still delivering on the quality tires that can tackle all roads and weather conditions.


Westlake Tires has 3 main categories for the range of tires that they have on hand which may give you some insight into whether these tires are for you.

These 3 categories are:

  • High Performance All-Season
  • Touring All-Season
  • Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

Each category has tires specifically tailored for various uses for you to find the set of tires that most appeals to you.

westlake tire reviews

Fuel Efficiency

These tires, due to their quality and competitive price range allows for you to know that not only are you purchasing a set of tires that suits your lifestyle and needs, but it also provides you with the peace of mind that your tires will take you further than a cheaper or used tire alternative.

With this fuel efficiency also comes a smooth ride regardless of the different types of terrains that you are driving on or the different types of weather that you are experiencing.


Not only does Westlake tires utilize some of the best raw materials available, but they also integrate that with a specifically designed tread layout that is unique to the brand.

With Westlake Tires, there are no cutting corners. Rather than sacrificing the integrity and performance of the tires they have made sure that each set of tires is crafted to their high standards. And whether it’s the use of the rigid center rib that improves vehicle stability or the tread block design that helps lower the noise caused by the tires. The overall driver experience is never forgotten.

westlake tire review


Westlake Tires understands that drivers want a vehicle that handles well on all terrains and in any kind of weather. In order to make sure their tires handle different types of challenges that the road holds, Westlake Tires uses cross sipes to increase traction and shoulder blocks which increase stability during cornering.

Best Westlake tires?

Westlake SU318 All Season Radical Tire

Westlake SU318 All Season

This extremely long-lasting tire is suitable for almost any type of vehicle with its classy all-black colour, a weight of 32.9 pounds and a rim diameter of 16 inches. Not only does this tire work well on icy roads, but road noises are now a thing of the past with this high-quality tire.

Westlake SL369 All Season Radical Tire

Westlake SL369 All Season

Built for the challenge, easy to mount and an extremely high-quality drive. That is what comes to mind when thinking about what exactly makes this tire so good. The radical thread pattern not only helps with traction on the road but also increases thread life, giving you better value for your money regardless of the terrain that you are tackling.

Westlake RP18 All Season Radical Tire

Westlake RP18 All Season

Designed to give you a phenomenal performance all year round, this touring tire provides stability and strength while still giving you over 40000 miles.

The range available allows for you to check your vehicles compatibility simply by checking the specifications of the options provided. This tire is suitable for many brands and makes such as Coupes, Sedans, Minivans and Crossovers.

Westlake SL309 All-Season Radical Tire

Westlake SL309 All-Season

Not only does this tire look great in the classy all-black on your vehicle, allowing for a quiet ride that will be smooth from start to finish but it will also without a doubt exceed your expectations. With a heavy-duty load capacity that can even be used on commercial light trucks this tire is meant for regular light trucks, vans, pick up vans and SUVs and will perform amazingly in all weather.

You might be interested in mastering new skills such as how do you rotate tires and how to balance tires at home.

Westlake Tires Customer Reviews

Richard says: “These tires tow and handle amazingly well! These tires will definitely perform better than any cheaper tire in the same category. I’ll never use a different tire again. They are definitely strong enough for my R/V.”

Richard posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Mike says: “Not only are these tires affordable, but they are a very smooth ride on the highway. I haven’t been in the snow yet but so far I am very happy with them!”

Mike posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review

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