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Veento Tire is a brand that’s owned by Vee Rubber America Inc. and that’s offered exclusively by Discount Tire. It’s actually the third brand of passenger tires that’s owned by Vee, and it’s a part of the company’s multi-brand strategy to broaden their distribution. Veento tires are built at Vee Rubber Co. in Thailand and sold primarily in the U.S. 

Veento produces tires for all types of sedans, minivans, sport coupes, crossovers, and sporty pickups. Their tires are built with the budget-minded driver in mind while offering an admirable performance. 

Stick around as we’re about to shed light on the Veento brand as well as highlight the brand’s most popular offerings. 



Veento G3

Veento G-3

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Bottom Line It delivers admirable performance at an unbeatable cost-effective price.
Pros Great traction on dry and wet surfaces with Excellent handling and high stability.
Cons Winter traction can be improved and it’s notthe quietest at higher speeds.
Tire sizes 17”, 16”, 15”, 14” and 13”.
Price range Starts from approximately $57.
Warranty 40,000 miles.

Veento Tire

Veento Tires Overall Assessment

veento tire review

The manufacturers of Veento tires have over 35 years of experience under their belt, which may not be much compared to other prominent tire manufacturers, but it’s enough to figure out a reliable formula and establish a following. 

The brand’s 35 years of experience covers everything from bicycle and motorcycle performance tires to automotive applications. The brand’s focused approach to tire design and development is quite admirable, and they’re always trying to innovate and employ forward thinking. 

Veento’s tires strike a practical balance between affordability and reliability. Note that the brand has only two tire lineups to its name, namely the G2 and G3 tires. However, both models do an excellent job of covering most use cases. 


Despite what their price tag might imply, Veento’s tires are of excellent quality and are designed in such a way that they ensure long-lasting performance, comfortable riding, and minimal noise. To achieve that, they utilize a variable pitch tread sequence. This is guaranteed in most terrain, but things can get a little bumpy when you’re riding on uneven pavement. 

Veento tires also make use of symmetrical tread patterns to ensure good traction on both dry and wet terrain. However, these aren’t designed to drive on snow or ice, and the brand doesn’t offer winter tires for such tasks. 


Veento’s tires are some of the most affordable tires we’ve ever seen. The Veento G2 prices start at around $34, whereas the Veento G3 starts at $57. You may also find discounts, coupons, and other special offers on these tires, knocking their prices down even lower. 

veento tire reviews


The Veento G2 touring all-season tire is designed for coupes, crossovers, and sedans, whereas the G3, which is a high-performance all-season tire, is made for sport coupes, minivans, sedans, and sporty pick up trucks. 

As far as sizes, the Veento G2 is available in 12-16 inches, whereas the G3 is available in 13-17 inches. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t offer larger 19 or 20-inch tires, and it doesn’t have tires with ample bite to tackle snow and ice. 

Fuel Efficiency

Like we just mentioned, Veento has only two lines of tires, and both lines are all-season tires, so you should expect a typical fuel consumption rate. The brand hasn’t produced any tires with fuel efficiency in mind yet. Hopefully they have something in the works for budget-minded and eco concerned drivers. 


Both the Veento G2 and G3 are backed by a treadlife warranty of 40,000 miles, which is pretty satisfactory for such budget-friendly tires. As far as tire uniformity, both lines are guaranteed for the very first 2/32 inch of treadwear. With this information in mind, it’s safe to assume that these tires are of considerable durability. 

veento tires review


Veento’s tires utilize an all-season tread compound with asymmetric designs that enable them to drive smoothly on dry and wet terrain. The G3’s tread pattern design enables you to mount the tire with either one of its sides outwards. The outwards side will enhance the performance on dry terrain, whereas the other side ensures good traction on wet terrain. 

Moreover, the tire features a solid center rib and a contact patch that’s optimized to operate to increase cornering grip and steering response. Further, braking and acceleration are influenced positively by the above-mentioned components. 

The effects of hydroplaning are eliminated with the aid of wide circumferential grooves that help keep the water away from the tire. There are also full-depth sipes for increased traction. 

The 2 Best Veento Tires

Veento G2

veento tire

The Veento G2is a touring all-season tire that was released back in 2015. It delivers excellent performance on dry and wet terrain alike. It’s super affordable and works for sedans, coupes, and crossovers. What we love the most about this tire is the comfortable and ultra-quiet riding experience that it provides. 

Veento G3

who makes veento tires

The Veento G3 is  high-performance all-season tire that’s designed for sport coupes, minivans, sedans, and sporty pickup trucks. The tire flaunts a very unique mounting design and offers an exceptional cornering and steering performance. It’s not as quiet as the Veento G2, but it’s not too noisy that it becomes a source of discomfort.

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Veento Tire Customer Review

Jim H. says: “My Honda Civic is enjoying its new set of Veento G2 tires. They’re quiet, very comfortable, and I didn’t have to pay a lot for them. They could use a bit of bite for driving on snow, but hey, can’t have everything at such a price point.”

Jim H. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Hannah R. says: “Most people talk about how inexpensive these tires are, but no one talks about their aesthetics. Is it just me or is this one of the most attractives tires out there?”

Hannah R. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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