How to Remove a Tire Valve Stem

Just like most other components in an automobile, tire valve stems wear out over time. They might be leaking or cracked, which could negatively impact your driving experience.

If you want to change your valve stems, you need to know how to remove the old valve stem from your tire first. No need to panic, though; it’s not as hard as you think, provided that you have the right tools to finish the job.

In this guide, we’ll help you remove your tire’s valve stem as smoothly as possible, so stick around. 

Get Your Tools

How to Remove a Tire Valve Stem

Before attempting to remove a tire valve stem, prepare all the necessary materials needed to get the job done. Typically, you’d need:

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Air compressor + hose
  • Valve stem removal tool
  • Lug nut wrench
  • Tire iron 

How to Remove Tire Valve: The Easy Way

To uninstall a tire valve, follow these steps:

how to remove tire valve

1. Loosen the nuts with the lug nut wrench in a counterclockwise direction. Do this step before lifting the car because it’s way easier to loosen them when the vehicle is on the ground. 

2. Lift the car. Use the jack to lift the left or right side of the vehicle (depending on the tire’s position), then secure the car with jack stands. 

3. Remove the wheel. Unmount the wheel from the axle. Make sure that you put the wheel flat on the ground to prevent it from rolling away.

4. Release the air from the wheel by removing the stem’s cap and the valve stem core using the valve stem removal tool.

5. Separate the tire from the rim using the tire iron. Start by pulling up the tire’s bead, and once it’s fully disengaged, raise up the tire’s lip until it passes over the wheel’s edge. 

6. Locate the tire valve stem and use the valve stem removal tool to remove it. You can also use pliers if the removal tool isn’t available. 

7. Once you’ve removed the old tire valve stem, you can install a new one with the same tool. Then, mount the tire on the wheel, inflate it to the appropriate pressure, and reinstall the wheel to the car’s axle. 

How to Replace a Tire Stem on a Lawn Mower Tire

 how to remove tire valve stem without tool

Replacing a tire stem on a lawn mower is actually much easier than having to replace it on a car. You don’t need a jack or a tire iron to replace a lawn mower tire valve. 

You can easily access and replace the old tire stem with a new one using a unique valve stem removal tool. 

Related Questions

Can I Remove a Tire Valve Stem Without Unmounting the Wheel?

It’s possible to remove a tire valve stem with the wheel installed on the axle. However, it can be quite tricky because you have to get under the car to access the valve’s location. It’s easier and safer to remove the wheel.

Can I Drive With a Leaking Tire Valve?

Yes, but driving with a leaking tire valve won’t be a really good idea simply because you won’t have complete control over the car. Nevertheless, You can drive for a short distance until you get to a safe place where you can replace or fix the leaking valve.


To recap, removing a tire valve stem from your tire requires that you lift the vehicle, dismount the wheel, pull off the tire, and remove the stem. You can then install a new one to get your car up and running again.