Toyo Tires Review

Toyo, a Japanese aftermarket giant, has managed to keep a steady foot in the US market since it first introduced its high-quality tires to the American car owners back in 1966. What sets Toyo apart from the competition is its investment in cutting-edge technology. Instead of waiting for the next big trend in tires and following along, Toyo usually leads the pack.


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Toyo Tires (Brand Overview)

Toyo Tires Overall Assessment

toyo tires review

With its versatile catalog of tires, Toyo has something for everyone. Not many manufacturers afford to offer such a wide variety of accessories that span across the whole vehicles’ spectrum; starting from luxury supercars, passing by racing motorsport vehicles, and ending by trucks and passenger cars. 

Across its whole lineup, Toyo tires share the same high-quality standards, efficient fuel consumption, and responsive handling. Furthermore, the company follows an aggressive pricing strategy, ensuring it undercuts its competitors in most tire categories, giving you the most bang for your buck.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the key features that make Toyo tires stand out in such a competitive market.


Toyo holds itself to the highest quality standards with its premium material choice, durable build, and innovative technologies. For instance, the introduction of ATOM (Advanced Tire Operation Mode) technology to the production chain has helped maintain a consistent quality throughout Toyo’s massive scale of operation.

toyo tire reviews

Furthermore, Toyo’s return policy entitles customers to a full refund within 45 days of their purchase, in case they aren’t satisfied with their new tires. Such a level of flexibility removes any second thoughts that might creep to your mind before finalizing your Toyo tires’ purchase decision.


I’ve already touched on how Toyo strives to maintain its footing as a budget player in the tires’ market. This doesn’t necessarily mean offering the lowest prices out there, as the company believes it can still be competitive by providing its customers with more value in the form of extra features and better quality.

Though Toyo is tipping into the luxury supercar space, the company still holds on to its competitive pricing strategy even when dealing with the higher end of the market. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Toyo is the go-to brand for many car owners. 


Aside from the wide range of supported vehicles, Toyo offers tires of different sizes, designs, and purposes, giving you more room to pick just the right model that works best for your needs.

You’ll find all-season tires, in addition to others dedicated to wet and snowy weather. That’s not all;  if you’re into off-road adventures, Toyo has a set of extreme terrain tires to accompany you while exploring some rough, uncharted territories.

Fuel Efficiency

Toyo deserves applause for its continued efforts to cut down its carbon footprint throughout the entire production pipeline. This initiative is complemented by the implementation of the company’s patented NanoEnergy technology in a number of its tires’ lineups.

Thanks to their unique tread pattern, these tires are able to achieve a lower rolling resistance. By reducing the friction, your car is consuming less fuel to sustain the same number of tire rotations per minute.


If you usually embark on long road trips, you want to get a set of durable tires with minimal treadwear to keep you on the road for the longest time before they need replacement. Luckily, this is just what Toyo tires deliver with their sturdy, 3-ply polyester construction. Toyo tires usually exceed their stock mileage ratings, delivering the most value for customers.

toyo tires rating


Toyo has some tricks under its sleeves that combine to deliver impressive handling and control over the trickiest terrains. For example, the zig-zag sipes maintain a sturdy grip over snowy surfaces, while the directional tread pattern channels water away from the tire’s central portion for smoother navigation on wet roads.

The Best Toyo Tires?

Proxes Sport A/S

toyo tires reviews

If you’re looking for a set of all-season tires to get you covered all year long, Proxes Sport A/S has the answer for you. They use a specialized silica compound for improved braking on wet and dry surfaces alike.

Proxes R1R

are toyo tires good

Our next entry is designed specifically to withstand extreme summer conditions. The tires feature an arrow-like tread pattern, a grippy compound, and an extra-wide form factor that all share to deliver outstanding acceleration on highways.

Proxes S/T

toyo tire ratings

If you own an SUV or a sports truck, you’ll appreciate the extra stability that the Proxes S/T brings to the table. The tires are reliable in different weather conditions and come with an impressive tread life.

Proxes R888

toyo tire review

Let’s move on to one final addition to the Proxes series: the R888. This time around, Toyo delivers a set of tires designed specifically for racers. They offer balanced traction on the course in both wet and dry conditions.

Observe GSI-6 HP

toyo tires rating

With its aggressive tread pattern, the Observe GSI-6 HP ensures you keep a steady grip on slippery ice and snow to get you through the winter season with no hassles.

Celsius CUV

toyo truck tire reviews

For all the campers out there who spend a lot of time on the road, the Celsius CUV is ideal for touring with its impressive 600,000-mile warranty. For an affordable price, you’ll be getting a decent all-season tire for your SUV or CUV.

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Toyo Tire Customer Review

Alison N. says: “Toyo tires are awesome! Once I switched to these tires, I’m getting smoother and quieter road trips. Also, they are excellent for off-road driving. The only reason for the 4 stars is because I received the wrong size at first; however, the responsive customer support came to the rescue right away.”

Alison N. posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review

Rafael F. says: “Totally worth the money! I can barely notice any road noise, besides they look cool!””

Rafael F. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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