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Sumitomo tires is a Japanese manufacturer that has been in the industry for over 100 years. Sumitomo have become a world-renowned exporter of tires and along with their offerings, have several niche brands that operate under their business umbrella. These brands such as Falken, Sumic and Dunlop, among others.


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Sumitomo Overall Assessment

With over a century of experience, Sumitomo has an esteemed history of supplying high quality tires around the globe.

sumitomo tires review

Sumitomo has won multiple awards for their innovation. For example, the 4D Nano Design Technology that it applies to its products was gained through the study of the tires molecular structure. The use of this technology has not only improved fuel efficiency and overall grip, but has also helped reduce carbon emissions. Sumitomo tires tick most of the boxes and there is good traction and stability in the dry, ride comfort, and steering responsiveness throughout the range. The Ace up Sumitomo’s sleeve is their price. When this is combined with the tires prior mentioned advantages, it makes the value proposition a tough one to ignore

There are not too many faults when it comes to Sumitomo tires. The main grumble about the range in general is the tires performance in the snow. On some of the models there can be complaints regarding road noise when the tires wear, although this is not uncommon among many brands. The tread life could also be better on some of their models, but these are minor complaints really and shouldn’t put you off from the tremendous value these tires offer.


Technology and innovation are core traits that have ensured continued success of Sumitomo tires. Quality is a by-product of this process. Although Sumitomo tires are well pricedx, they have not skimped on the quality.

sumitomo tire reviews

The company utilises material such as polyamide to reinforce their tires internal structure. The tires themselves are constructed with a polyester cord body with accompanying rigid sidewalls which creates a tire that is hardy, highly resistant to wear and tear, and immune to minor bruising.


Price is where Sumitomo sets itself apart. Because people are often not familiar with the brand, they sometimes see the price which can raise potential red flags. Why are they so cheap? Are they any good? The truth is that Sumitomo is extremely good value for money. They are often markedly cheaper than their rivals while maintaining a high level of quality.


This tyre maker has an extensive range of products. Whether you drive a small passenger car, sports car, or SUV, Sumitomo has a model for you. Across the board, Sumitomo offers a great combination of quality and value.

This also extends to its sub brands and on the whole, its will be difficult to find another tire manufacturer with the similar length and breadth of quality choices

Fuel Efficiency

Sumitomo features solidly when it comes to fuel efficiency throughout their entire range. The company focuses on decreasing the rolling resistance and this, along with the long-lasting tread compound that they use in their tire, helps increase overall mileage and increase the tires value per mile.


In general, Sumitomo tires are extremely durable. This is due to the decades of work by experienced scientists and car experts. Their wide variety of tires are designed to not only withstand daily forces, but to perform their duties at a high level. The company has put a premium on creating a tire that can travel the distance, and then some.

sumitomo tires


Sumitomo tires, on the whole, are generally tires that handle well and this is due to their technology heavy approach to tire design and construction.

Sumitomo has a wide range of tires and they are purpose built to perform the job required of them. Technology such as their Unique 5 rib pattern, biting edges, siping, and integrated tread design all work together to increase overall tire performance in a variety of conditions.

Best Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo HTR Z III

Sumitomo HTR Z III

The HTR Z III is a third-generation high performance summer tire. The tire has exceptional handling and steering response. This is especially important when fitting a sports car. A superb value for money tire with objective great performance. Make sure to read the full Sumitomo HTR Z III Review.

Sumitomo Touring LS

Sumitomo Touring LS

 This is a superb all-round offering and has great traction in all conditions. Along with the traction it also provides a comfortable ride while allowing the driver good feedback through the steering. Consider reading about a similar tire in our Sumitomo Tour Plus LS Reviews.

Sumitomo HTR A/S P02

Sumitomo HTR AS P02

The HTR A/S P02 is a solid performer if you are looking for a tire for your high performance vehicle. What it looks in performance when compared to rivals such as the Continental DWS06 and the Pirelli P Zero AS, it more than makes up for in price which brings overall the value up to a good level. Make sure to read our full Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 Review.

Sumitomo Encounter HT

Sumitomo Encounter HT

As far as season tires for SUVs and trucks go, The tire is durable, performs well in all conditions and has exceptional braking in the wet. The superb braking in the wet extends to the tires resistance to hydroplaning and slipping.

Sumitomo Ice Edge Studdable-Winter

Sumitomo Ice Edge Studdable-Winter

This tire is purpose built to tackle the cold weather and snowy conditions. Comfort is a word that isn’t too synonymous with winter tires. Sumitomo manages to produce an offering that performs its primary duty while distinction while adding to the driving experience.

Sumitomo Customer Review

Rick says: “Thus far, I have brought two sets of Sumis. A set of P01s for a Chrysler convertible followed by a set of P02s for an Avalon. I have been happy with both sets of tires. They are good in dry and wet conditions and I have had no balance problems, no tread or belt separation, etc. I have put between 15-20,000 miles on each set and have not noticed much wear. Both cars are now gone, and I have ordered my third set for a Toyota convertible. They are that good.”

Rick posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review

MB says: “I hadn’t heard much about Sumitomo as they don’t focus on advertising, but I had to replace a set of my tires because the ones I had on had become too expensive. I currently have the HTR Z3 on my Porsche. This is the third set I have put on this car in addition to HTR P02  which are on a 3 series BMW and a C-Class Merc. They had had good performance and in my book, are the best value tires out there.”

MB posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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