Sumic Tire Review

Sumic Tires are a sub-brand of Japanese tire manufacturer Sumitomo, which have over a century of experience in producing high-quality tires. Sumitomo produces a wide range of tires including performance tires for high-end motors and with their Sumic sub-brand, their strategy is to produce a budget-friendly performance alternative for passenger vehicles.

sumic tire review

Sumic Tire Overall Assessment

With their manufacturing plant in Indonesia, Sumic focuses on producing tires for coupes, sedans and smaller crossovers.

They have positioned themselves strategically to provide quality passenger tires, at budget prices. The company’s mission is to prove that enthusiastic drivers who demand superior build quality and performance, don’t have to break the bank to satisfy their needs. The tires generally have very good traction, handling and brake when the conditions are dry and maintain strong cornering ability.

Due to its price, it is not possible to tick all the boxes. Sumic’s struggle when it comes to winter traction and handling, especially in the snow. Road noise also starts to become rather noticeable at higher speeds.

On the whole, Sumic’s are exceptional value for money, especially considering their low price point for the quality on offer.


As previously mentioned, Sumic is operated by Sumitomo. Sumitomo is renowned for making quality tires and have won numerous awards for their work on tire technologies. The company also produces tires for award winning brands such as Falken and Dunlop. This quality is extended to Sumic which will re-assure potential customers of the quality


This is where Sumic tires set themselves apart. Their GT performance tire retails for far less than their competition. Put plainly, their price is far below what you would expect.

The Sumic GT-A sells at $46 for a single tire which is almost a comical figure. Drivers who are budget constrained should consider sumic as the tire is a decent performer, and superb value for money.


As Sumic is a sub-brand of a far larger manufacturer, they specialise in their Sumic GT-A, with its different variations.  Although the tire range is narrow, it is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including coupes, sedans and smaller crossovers. They truly a case of a single focus tire brand.

Fuel Efficiency

In terms of fuel efficiency, these tires perform fairly when compared to its competitors. Sumic focuses on a low rolling resistance to keep your car going and your wallet happy.

sumic tire reviews


Sumic Tires come with a good warranty of 45,000 miles and the tread life has been shown to be above average. The first 2/32 inch of the tread is under uniformity guarantee and materials and workmanship are covered for 4-years. This includes free tire replacement during the first 2/32 inch of wear in this time.

The read contains dual steel belts which increase the strength and life of the tread.


These tires include design features that are more commonly associated with premium tires.

Sumic entry level tires contain advanced tread compounds which provide solid grip on most road surfaces.

sumic tires reviews

The tread’s symmetric patterns have a 4-rib design which improves traction on and steering response.

Hydroplaning is reduced via sipes and lateral grooves which disperse water effectively between the tire and the road.

Best Sumic Tire Models

Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire

sumic tire reviews

The Sumic GT-A is a good all-round tire. It has a stable ride and really does perform well under moderate conditions. It has especially good traction and grip in dry conditions which translates decently when the rain begins to fall. The ride is comfortable and the noise level is low at a slower speed.

GT-A All-Season Radial Tire placed 3rd when compared to the top 9 products in its category

Sumic Tires Customer Reviews

Dan says: “I was wary of these tires because of the price but the tires that I had on my car at the time were shot and I needed an inexpensive replacement. I am thrilled to say that these tires have outperformed my expectations. I have had these tires for two months and they have dealt with everything that I have had to drive in, including snow. I have them on my Kia Soul 2011 and I will most certainly be a return customer. i have been a Class A mechanic now for 10 plus years just to put this review in perspective.”

Dan posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Scott says: “So far so good! I put these on my 2000 Honda Civic DX and the ride has been smooth and quiet. They have a particularly smooth feel through the steering wheel. I haven’t had much experience with these tires in heavy rain, but in the dry they stick to the ground well and have a nice tread pattern.”

Scott posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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