How To Remove a Spare Tire

how to remove a spare tire

Taking out or removing spare tires from a vehicle can be an easy task if you know exactly what to do. You do not need a lot of physical strength, just the right tools and techniques. It is important to remember that wheels can be heavy, especially for large vehicles, so read through this guide to know exactly how to remove spare tire.

How to Remove Spare Tires in 3 Easy Steps

First, you need to keep the correct tools at hand. If you have a comprehensive jack kit you will have all you need. If not, then purchase the right wrench and extension that would suit your vehicle. 

  1. Open the storage lid of your vehicle. For some sedans, this can be in the trunk of your car, and for some larger vehicles, it can be screwed under the car or in the back.
  2. Use the wrench to unscrew the tire from your vehicle.
  3. Lift the tire out by balancing it on the side of your vehicle. If you need to put it on the ground, make sure you carry it with both hands or ask someone to help you.

Once you have safely removed the tire, you can put it away for storage, give it to an auto-shop or replace one of your tires with it if required. 

If you are struggling to remove your spare tire yourself, then it is best to leave it alone till you can call for professional help. Drive your car to the nearest garage or call roadside assistance who can do it for you. This is safer than getting injured when trying to take out a spare tire by yourself.

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Should You Remove Spare Tires?

One in three vehicles do not come with a spare tire anymore. Many find that the added weight is not worth it and vehicles and their parts are being manufactured of such high quality that a spare tire is rarely needed. So is it worth knowing how to remove them? And should you keep them in your vehicle instead?

If you are going to carry a lot of weight in your vehicle or just need more space, then it would be worth removing your spare tire to make more room. If your vehicle and wheels are in great condition, then you might not need a spare tire either. Many people have easy access to their auto-shop or mechanic for any tire repairs and don’t feel the need to carry around their spare tire all the time. 

How far should you drive on a spare tire? However, if you are planning to drive long distances without access to a garage on the way or in an unfamiliar place, then you might want to keep your spare tire intact on your vehicle in case of an emergency.

How Long Does a Spare Tire Last?

How long does spare tires last? AAA suggests that the farthest you can drive on a donut-type spare tire is 50 miles and it should be used only in an emergency to get you to your nearest garage or auto-shop. Make sure you don’t go over 50 mph, especially if the spare tire is old and has never had its air pressure checked before.

Because many modern cars do not come with a spare tire, if they do, they are of smaller size and of poorer quality than your vehicle’s regular tires. It is imperative that every driver knows that these tires are not for frequent use and have little to no tread on the wheels. Temporary spare tires can lose air pressure when left alone for years at a time as well. Get yours checked by your garage when you take your car in for maintenance to give you peace of mind during emergencies.

Before driving on your spare tire, keep the points below in mind:

  • It is only a temporary solution and shouldn’t be driven on for more than 50 miles
  • Keep your speed below 50 mph and keep a safe distance away from other vehicles
  • Inspect the tire carefully for punctures, low air pressure, and damage to tread

Safe Tires Make for Safe Driving

As we’ve mentioned, driving on a spare tire is not a long-term solution. It can be hazardous to your safety and might also throw your car and other wheels out of alignment. Stay up-to-date with your vehicle manufacturer’s new releases and announcements to know when they have any new developments on your tires or if they have recalled spare tires in your area.

If you want to purchase a spare tire, make sure it is the right size, weight, and height for your vehicle. Consult your car manufacturer or garage for the best option and always make sure the tire is in good condition when installed. Remember, you’re safe on the road only when your wheels are safe too.

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