How to Remove Spare Tire Dodge Ram

how to remove spare tire dodge ram

The Dodge Ram is one of the most popular and iconic pickup vehicles in American automobile history. However, it can be tricky to work out how to remove a spare tire Dodge Ram.

The spare tire is located underneath the vehicle’s rear chassis, and you need the right equipment to remove it from here. We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to show you how to remove a spare tire Dodge Ram in a simple and straightforward manner.

Step 1: Park Your Vehicle

Before you start removing your Dodge Ram’s tire, you need to make sure it has been parked in an appropriate environment. 

Park the car on a flat, even surface and make sure you are well away from any nearby traffic that could get in the way of your job. Make sure the parking brake is on.

If you’ve got a modern Ram, you’ll want to adjust the suspension settings in the menu. Set the ‘tire jack mode’ to ‘on’ to allow you to get on with the job without causing any issues with the car’s suspension.

Step 2: Get Your Tools Ready

Most Dodge Rams — including ‘certified pre-owned’ vehicles — come with their own custom-made tools that allow you to remove the spare tire. However, to use them, you’ll have to figure out where they’re located. 

In most Rams, these tools are located underneath the passenger seat. To access these, simply pull off the panel under the passenger seat, remove the wing bolt that fastens the tools to the floor of the vehicle, and then slide the tools out from under the passenger seat.

The kit will consist of a lug wrench with some extension poles — join these pieces together before you commence the removal of the tire. If you haven’t got one of these kits, you may need to buy a replacement kit. 

Step 3: Assemble and Position the Tools

how to remove spare tire dodge ram 1500

In your Ram’s tire-changing kit, you’ll have a lug wrench and three extension poles. To piece these together, assemble the three extension poles first by inserting the spring clips at the end of the first two poles into each subsequent pole, making sure the spring clips fit into the holes at each joint.

Then, get ready to join your assembled pole into the lug wrench by attaching the pole end without a spring clip into the hole in the lug wrench. You’ll use this assembled tool to loosen the tire from under the vehicle’s chassis.

Next, you need to put the tool into position at the back of the vehicle. At the back of the bumper, you should be able to locate a small access hole. This is where you’ll insert your extension poles. You’ll want to feed these into a wench tube inside the vehicle.

Once you can feel the extension poles inside the wench tube, connect up the lug wrench to the extension poles.

Step 4: Start Cranking

Once you’ve connected the tool to the wrench tube, it’s time to start cranking. Crank the tool in a counter-clockwise direction to start loosening the spare tire. You should be able to see the tire start to lower as you’re cranking. Keep going until you can see it hit the floor.

how to remove a spare tire from a dodge ram

Step 5: Disconnect the Tire 

After the tire has hit the floor, and you’ve stopped cranking, you should be able to pull it out towards you from under the vehicle. At this point, it will still be connected to the vehicle through a cable.

The cable is attached to the tire through a centerpiece. To disconnect it from the cable, simply tilt the centerpiece at an angle, and you should be able to pull it out from inside the wheel.

Step 6: Replace the Tire

Now that you’ve removed the spare tire on your Dodge Ram, you’ll probably want to replace the existing one. To do this, use a jack to raise the vehicle, then remove the existing tire by loosening the lug nuts which attach it to the wheel, using a spanner. 

Once you’ve done this, it’s simply a case of attaching the spare tire by tightening the wheel’s lug nuts onto it. And that’s it — job done!

Dodge Ram Tire Removal

It can be hard to know how to remove a spare tire Dodge Ram. It isn’t the easiest job globally, but with these tips, we hope it has become a lot less complicated.

If you’ve removed your spare tire, you’ll probably want to get another one sometime soon! To attach your new spare to your vehicle, simply follow the steps above in reverse order or check our guide how to put on a spare tire.

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