How to Put a Spare Tire Back Under a Truck

How to Put a Spare Tire Back Under a Truck

Don’t know how to put a spare tire back under a truck? No worries. In this step-by-step guide, we will cover all the bases. We’ve broken everything down, from the tools you will need to how to secure your tire in place. Read on to learn more on how you can confidently place a spare tire back under your truck. 

how to get a spare tire from under the car

Step One: Gather Your Tools 

The first step is jacking up the truck if you have not done so already. You will need a jack, the key to the truck’s access hole, and the lowering equipment used to bring it down. 

There are different ways to set up the jack depending on the weight of your vehicle and how you intend to lift it. If you are unsure how to do this, consult your owner’s manual to set up the jack appropriately without damaging the vehicle or injuring yourself.

how to put spare tire back under truck

Step Two: Check the Spare Tire

Before you can get into the action of how to put a spare tire back under a truck, you should properly inspect the tire’s air pressure. Make sure it is fully inflated. It is important to maintain the proper air pressure in spare tires for when they are needed to replace a flat. Any spare tires should be periodically monitored to guarantee they can be used. 

Step Three: Tire Position 

Lay the wheel flat on the ground below the vehicle, with the rim and the valve stem facing upward. The valve stem is located on the inner side of the lining where it is inflated from and, as its name suggests, looks similar to a stem. 

why do people put tires on their roof

Step Four: Lowering the Pieces 

From this point, how to put a spare tire back under a truck is similar to how it is brought down. Insert the key used to remove the lock cylinder from the access hole. This is located in the truck’s tailgate and functions to lower the tire equipment underneath the vehicle. 

Then, turn the crank included in the lowering equipment counterclockwise to lower the chain underneath the truck. The chain and the secondary latch above the chain need to be lowered once again before the tire can be properly inserted. 

Step Five: Getting the Tire Ready 

Push the tire partially underneath the back of the vehicle to return it to the original storage location. This will be above the secondary latch that fastens the tire underneath the truck. 

Install the retainer for the wheel in the center, then pull on the cable that will be inserted from the end of the hanging chain through the hole in the spare tire. Realign the parts at the end of the cable before pulling the chain through the hole in the wheel.

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Step Six: Reinstalling the Tire

Reinstalling the Tire

Turn the jack handle clockwise until the tire is raised to the height necessary to be returned under the vehicle. Turning the jack handle will become more difficult as it gets closer to the necessary height. The carrier will begin to ratchet or slip. You will hear an audible click each time. Make sure this slip occurs at least three times before stopping. 

The carrier for the spare is not capable of being overtightened, so do not intentionally leave it loose out of fear that it cannot be loosened later. This can cause it to become unlatched and fall off. 

This may seem like it is the last step in how to put a spare tire back under a truck, but the job is not finished until every piece is secure. Read on for the final step.

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Step Seven: Securing the Tire

Make sure the tire fits snugly in place, flat against the frame. Attempt to push and pull on the wheel to guarantee it will not move. If the tire does not feel secure, loosen and retighten the carrier until it is locked in place. If it is not appropriately secured, it can destroy the undercarriage piece, or the tire can be lost.

It is recommended that the procedure for ensuring the spare tire’s tightness is repeated every six months during a regular maintenance check. This includes when checking the air pressure of the spare wheels. 

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When learning how to put a spare tire back under a truck, it is important to follow these instructions for safety and accuracy. As a reminder, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about your vehicle and keep up proper maintenance within the recommended time frame. Every area of the vehicle is important, including the often forgotten spare tires.

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