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A lot of enthusiasts were disappointed when the Roadhandler lineup from Sears suddenly faded into oblivion over a decade ago, but it’s time to once again rejoice, as the Roadhandler line has finally made its return to the market in a new and improved fashion.



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Bottom Line The Roadhandler is an all-season tire that’s designed to grant drivers of sedans, coupes, vans, and crossovers quiet and comfortable performance.
Pros Superb traction on dry and wet terrain with extremely comfortable ride quality .
Cons Road noise can use some improvement and doesn’t hae the best traction on snow and slush.
Tire sizes 17”, 16”, 15” and 14”
Price range Starts from approximately $79.
Warranty 100,000 miles.

If this is your very first time hearing about this tire, we suggest you stick around until the end of this Roadhandler tires review to learn all there’s to know about this legend of a tire. 

Roadhandler Tires (Our Review)

Overall Assessment

The Roadhandler is an all-season tire that’s designed to grant drivers of sedans, coupes, vans, and crossovers quiet and comfortable performance. The tire utilizes a symmetrical tread design that features high resistance to abrasions, so you’re guaranteed a long-lasting performance with this tire. 

roadhandler tires review

Further, the tire features a robust center rib block that enhances its stability at higher speeds and improves its responsiveness. The tire is able to navigate wet terrain effectively, thanks to the use of wide circumferential grooves that reduce the risk of hydroplaning. 

The tire also incorporates lateral grooves for reliable performance in light snow. However, this isn’t a winter-specific tire, so we wouldn’t recommend using it on the ice or in deep snow. 

roadhandler touring tire reviews

The only problem we have with the tire has to do with road noise. It’s not annoyingly loud, but it should be improved considering this is a touring all-season tire. 


  • Superb traction on dry and wet terrain
  • Flaunts a high-quality tread compound
  • Extremely comfortable ride quality
  • Backed by a very lengthy warranty
  • Listed at a cost-effective price tag


  • Road noise can use some improvement
  • Not the best traction on snow and slush

Vehicles That Can Use Roadhandler Tires

The Roadhandler Touring Tire is designed for drivers of virtually all sedans, coupes, crossovers, and minivans. Below is a brief list of some of the most popular vehicles that are compatible with the Roadhandler Touring tire

  • Dodge: Grand Caravan, Charger
  • Ford: Fusion, Taurus, Five Hundred, Focus, Flex
  • Chevrolet: Malibu, Monte Carlo, Venture, Impala
  • Chrysler: 300, Town and Country
  • Honda: Odyssey, Civic, Accord, CR-V
  • Hyundai: Elantra, Santa Fe, Sonata
  • Mitsubishi: Outlander, Galant
  • Pontiac: Torrent, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Sunfire, G6
  • Toyota: Camry, Celica GT, Corolla, RAV4, Prius, Sienna, Highlander, Avalon
  • Mercedes-Benz: E320, ML350

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Sizes and Specs

SizesAvailable Specs
14 InchesP185/65R14 85T BW
15 InchesP185/65R15 86T BW
P195/60R15 87T BW
P195/65R15 89T BW
P205/65R15 92H BW
P215/70R15 97T BW
16 InchesP205/55R16 89H BW
P205/60R16 91V BW
P215/60R16 94V BW
P215/65R16 96T BW
P225/60R16 97T BW
P235/60R16 99T BW
P235/65R16 101T BW
17 InchesP215/65R17 98T BW
P225/55R17 95T BW
P225/60R17 98T BW
P225/65R17 100T BW
P235/60R17 100T BW
P235/65R17 103H BW
18 InchesP235/55R18 99H BW


The Roadhandler Touring Tire is listed at a starting price point of around $79. Bear in mind that the prices could vary based on size and specs. They might also vary from one dealer to another. Also, note that it’s possible to find special offers on this tire like coupons, rebates, and discounts, so make sure you keep an eye out for them.


One of the strongest selling points of the Roadhandler Touring Tire is its outstanding tread life warranty of 100,000 miles. This is one of the most extensive tread warranties you can find on the market today. 

roadhandler tires review

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Roadhandler Tire Customer Review

Bill R. says: “After 12 years, my favorite tire has returned. The moment I heard the Roadhandler was back on the market, I instantly called the local dealer and had him prepare a full set for my car. I’ve been using the tire for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier with its performance.”

Bill R. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Cade T. says: “I’m a little biased when it comes to Roadhandler tires because they were my go-to tire before their sudden disappearance. Now that they’re available again, I got me a set for my Civic, and I’m very pleased with its performance.”

Cade T. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review