Road Hugger Tires Reviews

Road Hugger is a private label brand of tires produced by Asian tire brands such as Nitto and Kumho. These tires are manufactured for the discount tire company and are world-renowned for top-quality tires. They are produced through advanced manufacturing processes utilizing the best machinery for excellent capabilities. 



road hugger gt ultra

Road Hugger GT Ultra
Road Hugger GT Ultra

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Bottom Line This is a great all-season tire, but only if you live in an area where heavy snow isn’t likely.
Pros Excellent cornering performance with Great traction on dry and wet pavements and Exceptional steering responsiveness.
Cons A limited number of models and a poor performance in snow.
Tire sizes 20”, 19”, 18”, 17” and 16”
Price range Starts from approximately $95.
Warranty Limited warranty on the tread.

Road Hugger Tires Overall Assessment

Road Hugger offers ultra high performance tires that are affordably priced. There are a number of excellent tires in the UHP all season category and Road Hugger tires has established itself as a popular brand in this category. Drivers can expect to find brilliant dry traction and sturdy grip on wet road surfaces too. Cornering grip is another bonus when purchasing these tires, while steering response and driver feel is better than expected from a lower priced offering product. The ride is surprisingly smooth and comfortable, although potholes and other rough conditions can be felt more than on other big name brands.  

road hugger tires reviews


These range of tires are composed of many excellent features which speak volumes for the quality of the brand and the product they are offering. Not only are these tires of great quality, they perform adequately well when it comes to wet and dry road surfaces. The Road Huggers are renowned for their quality, regardless of the model being purchased.


Road Hugger do not offer their tires as original equipment. However, they are capable replacement tires for drivers on a strict budget seeking a product with quality features. The Road Hugger GT Ultra is available on the market for $88, and a complete set goes for less than $500 which is incredibly low considering competitor prices. The Discount Tire Company provides excellent tires in a category where budget pricing is hard to come by.


Road Hugger Tires range from GT Ultra to GT Eco. Built with immense handling and dependable traction, the Road Hugger GT Eco also features a comfortable ride and an eco friendly tread design for drivers of all types of sedans and coupes seeking a budget friendly all season tire. On the other hand, the Road Hugger GT Ultras are high performance all season tires designed with performance traction and terrific handling and best suit sedans, sport coupes and crossover vehicles.

road hugger tire review

Fuel Efficiency

Road Hugger Tires feature state of the art technology and don’t skimp when it comes to the fuel efficiency of their tires. Unique tread patterns and high quality designs allow for a decrease in rolling resistance and ultimately results in lower fuel consumption for drivers. This is great for drivers on a budget looking to save money on tires and fuel.


These tires come with a limited tread warranty. Due to the advanced technology and featured design, the Road Hugger tires are highly durable and allow for prolonged driving on roads hassle free. 


Road Huggers are built with a range of design elements which enhance grip and traction of any vehicle they are fitted to. The tires are constructed with an all season tread compound along with an asymmetric tread pattern. This allows for drivers to experience consistent grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The solid center rib is utilized brilliantly and maintains stability throughout the driving experience. Drivers can cruise at high speeds without having to worry about braking and cornering capabilities.

Best Road Hugger Tires?

Road Hugger GT Eco

The Road Hugger GT Eco features a comfortable ride and an eco friendly tread design for drivers of sedans and coupes seeking an affordable all season tire.

Road Hugger GT Ultra 

road hugger tire reviews

The high performance all season GT Ultra is designed with performance traction and handling in mind. Built to be used on all types of sport coupes, crossovers and sedans is extremely affordable for budget minded drivers and offers great features on top of that. Make sure to see all tire information in our Road Hugger GT Ultra Review.

Road Hugger Tires Customer Reviews

Dereksays: “Purchased these as a replacement for the stock tires on my ’16 Scion tc at 50,000 miles. Very happy with them so far, and with the free rotations and pressure checks I’m hoping to see about 50-60k out of these.”

Derek posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Don says: “Most of the 7,000 miles were up and down the East Coast and the Maritime Provinces of Canada, mostly highways, but also several old country roads. A few days involved driving in driving rain and we experienced virtually no hydroplaning. Overall, tires have exceeded expectations considering the reasonable price.”

Don posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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