How to Use Slime Tire Sealant

How to Use Slime Tire Sealant

Tires don’t last forever—a fact that catches up to every driver sooner or later. Luckily, you don’t have to reschedule your busy day the moment you notice a flat.

Check out our guide below to learn how to use Slime tire sealant and get back on the road as soon as possible.

What Is Slime Tire Sealant?

Slime is a substance that coats the inside of your tires to prevent or patch a puncture. When you inject it into a leaking tire, the air escaping the tire shifts the substance to the hole, and what remains is a sturdy plug that lets your tires keep moving.

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does slime affect tire balance

What You Should Know Before Installing

Before learning how to use Slime tire sealant, make sure to keep these essential facts in mind:

Different Types

There are different types of Slime. There are types for emergencies and prevention, as well as for tires with and without tubes. If you’re unsure which type is right, check out this infographic explaining the types to figure out the best kind for you.

Life of Your Sealant

how to install slime tire sealant

When stored properly, Slime has a shelf life of four years after the manufacture date. Within your tires, durability depends on the type you use, ranging anywhere from a few days to a couple of years. 

For your safety, do not attempt to use emergency sealant as a permanent fix. Instead, it’s a temporary solution meant to keep your tires safe long enough to get to a technician.

Getting a Professional Repair

Slime tire sealant doesn’t affect whether a professional can fix your tires, but do make sure to tell the technician that there’s Slime in it. Also, find out your tire’s warranty rules before applying products of any kind.

Avoid These Mistakes

Using sealants incorrectly could do more harm than good. Steer clear of the situations listed below, and follow our guide along with your product’s instructions to get the most out of your effort.

  • Mixing and matching. Just like batteries, it’s best to pick one type of sealant and stick with it. For example, you shouldn’t put two different types of Slime in one tire. You also shouldn’t mix it with other products, such as aerosols or saline solutions.
  • Using Slime for other tire issues. Slime will not be helpful if you have damaged rims or unbalanced tires.
  • Using outside intended purpose. Like most things, using Slime for something other than its original purpose could be messy or dangerous. Don’t use it to repair objects other than tires, and make sure you buy the type that suits your situation.

How to Use Slime Tire Sealant to Patch Your Tires

how to put slime in a car tire

You can get yourself back on the road in just six easy steps.

  1. Figure out your needs. You want to make sure you have enough of the correct product so that the hole gets patched. If you haven’t purchased any yet, compare the different types of Slime and use this quick calculator to figure out how much you’ll need.
  2. Find your valve core and valve core removal tool. The valve core is the metal cylinder inside the tire valve—where you would connect an air pump. The removal tool is the black cap on your Slime bottle. Take this cap off so you can use the tool.
  3. Slowly twist the valve core counter-clockwise using the removal tool. Let the air escape slowly before you take out the valve core.
  4. Install the Slime. Take the freshness seal off your bottle and put the squeeze top back on. Connect one side of the included tube to the squeeze top, and connect the other side to your tire valve. Squeeze the entire bottle into your tire.
  5. Finish up. Screw the valve core back into the valve by turning the removal tool clockwise. Pump air back into your tires, and they’re good to go!
  6. Maintain your tires. Make sure you follow your product’s instructions on what to do next. Tires patched with emergency Slime will need repair within 3 days or 100 miles. If you use preventative Slime, replace it in 2 years.

If You’re Using Thru-Core

Thru-Core offers a more convenient patching experience. Instead of taking the valve core out, use the tube to squeeze your Slime directly into the tire through the valve core.

Flat Tire Fixes Can Be a Breeze

A flat tire doesn’t have to disrupt your entire day; you can even prevent it from happening in the first place. Knowing how to use Slime tire sealant will help you get back on the road right away should you ever find yourself in a pinch.

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