How to Seal a Tire on a Rim

How to Seal a Tire on a Rim

It’s no secret that proper maintenance is essential if you want to keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape. We’re all familiar with scheduling oil changes or replacing windshield wipers, but another very common problem drivers have is a poor seal along the wheel rim. 

The good news is that this repair is easy to do without taking your vehicle to a shop. Here’s a complete guide on how to seal a tire on a rim correctly and give your vehicle the power it needs. 

What is a Poor Seal?  

So, what exactly does it mean when the seal on a rim is improperly sealed? It’s quite common. A poor seal can result in a slow leak along your rim. It can take up to months to discover, depending on how severe the leak is.

It’s a common result of accidentally striking a curb or another object since this can also break the seal of the rim itself, otherwise known as the tire bead.  

how to get a tire to seal on a rim

Where Does a Tire Seal on a Rim?

Before you begin the process of sealing your tire along the rim, you’ll need to be familiar with where exactly the tire seal is to ensure you’re looking in the right place. 

The tire seal, also known as a tire bead, refers to the edge of the tire that sits on the edge of the wheel. Wheels for vehicles have a small groove design where the tire bead rests. 

If it is not inflated properly, the air pressure can keep the tire bead in this space. In turn, it can cause damage, most commonly leading to a leak along the rim.  

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 how to seal a tire

How Serious is a Poor Seal?  

Depending on the leak along the rim, you may not even notice the damage for some time. You can drive your vehicle normally if the leak is small enough, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the damage. 

Slow leaks lead to low pressure, which then affects the safety of your vehicle and the gas mileage.  

How to Seal a Tire on a Rim at Home

It’s easier to learn how to seal a tire on a rim than you think! Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow without taking your vehicle to a shop. You’ll know the basics of how to seal a tire on a rim in no time.

1. Remove Your Tire  

First, remove the tire from the vehicle and lay it flat on the ground. This will make finding the leak much easier since you don’t need to navigate the vehicle to find damage.  

how to seal a tire on a rim

2. Find the Leak  

Spray a mix of soapy water on the area along the rim you suspect is leaking. When doing this, make sure to focus on the area between the tire and the rim. 

Bubbles should appear anywhere there is a leak. If you spray around the entire rim and still see no bubbles, then the leak may be elsewhere in your tire.  

3. Thoroughly Clean the Area

Next, clean the tire bead. During this step, you need to eliminate all dirt, rust, or other debris. This will allow you to clearly see any damage that needs to be addressed.  

4. Clean the Rim  

Now, move on to cleaning the rim. To ensure you clean this area thoroughly, use a wire brush. To clean this portion, simply brush it with a focus on any parts that are particularly dirty or rusty. This mostly happens in the area where it is in contact with the tire and the area in which you’re most likely to have a leak. 

If you find a crack in the wheel itself, it means you need to replace the entire wheel.  

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5. Apply the Tire Back to the Rim  

how to seal a tire to a rim

If your wheel is free of cracks and fully cleaned, you can move on to sealing the rim. To do so, you’ll need a bead sealer, preferably a thin coat. This is easy to find at any local auto parts store. 

Simply use the brush that came with the bead sealer to apply a thin layer over the area where the seal contacts the rim. Ensure to apply this throughout the entire area, not just the area you expect you have a leak.  

6. Test It Out  

Once the bead sealer is dry, you can attach your tire to your vehicle and test it. Inflate to the pressure you prefer, then spray again with the soapy mixture from the first step. If no bubbles appear, then you’ve successfully sealed a tire on a rim! 

If you can still see that the leak is there, it’s possible the issue could be a bent rim. In this case, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to an auto service station.  

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Bottom Line  

See, that was pretty easy! All you need to seal a tire along the rim properly is some soapy water, a good wire brush, and a bead sealer. Once you go through this process once, it will be easy to remember and do it again.

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