How Much Does It Cost to Patch a Tire?

How Much Does It Cost to Patch a Tire

A flat tire can be a living nightmare, especially if you use your car for your daily commute. It gets even worse if you lose the tire while you’re on your way to work or in the middle of a trip.

But don’t worry; just because you got a flat tire doesn’t mean that it’s gone for good. You can still get more mileage out of it by patching it in a tire repair service center, and it’ll cost you nothing compared to getting a new tire.

But how much does it cost to patch a tire? Let’s find out!

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Tire?

Typically, patching a tire will cost you no more than $20, depending on the size of the puncture. A small puncture will likely cost you less than half that amount. 

On a side note, keep in mind that the longer you drive with a flat tire, the higher the repair cost will be. If you drive with a flat tire for an extended period, you might end up replacing the whole tire. So, make sure that you patch the tire as soon as you discover the puncture. 

Repairing a tire’s sidewall will cost you pretty much the same amount of money. Don’t neglect a bad sidewall, even if you can still drive the car with it. It has a significant influence on the tire’s structural strength and shock absorption. 

What to Do When You Have a Flat Tire

If your tire is punctured, don’t wait until you patch it, especially if it happens when you’re on the road. Driving with flat spots on your tire is quite risky, both for you and your car. 

Your best bet is to use a spare tire until you get the damaged tire repaired. Alternatively, you can call a roadside assistance service, and they’ll get you a spare tire.

Once the spare tire is mounted, make sure that you patch your tire as soon as possible. Spare tires aren’t meant to be used regularly because you can’t drive at high speeds with them. Not to mention, they won’t be able to go for more than 50 miles. 

Is It Worth Patching a Tire?

Most of the time, patching a tire is definitely worth it. However, if there’s more than one puncture in your tire, they must be at least 16 inches apart for the patches to be effective.

Also, keep in mind that if the damage is critical, you must replace the tire. Tread separations or big cuts aren’t repairable. 

Is It Better to Patch or Plug a Flat Tire?

It depends. If your tire was punctured because of a nail or a similar object, using a plug to fix the tire’s hole can be a cheaper alternative to patching. However, the plug won’t likely last that long. It’d be best if you patch your tire instead of using a plug. 

Should You Repair Your Tire on Your Own?

It’s not impossible to patch a tire yourself. However, since your car’s tires are crucial for your safety, it’s definitely recommended that you opt for a professional tire repair service to be on the safe side. It won’t make that much of a difference when it comes to cost, anyway. 

How Long Does a Tire Patch Last?

A tire patch should last for up to 5 years or for as long as you’re going to use the tire.

How Much to Fix a Tire – The Conclusion

So, how much does it cost to patch a tire? The short answer is $10-$20 per puncture. Of course, the larger and the more holes your tire has, the higher the cost will be. 

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