Pirelli P-Zero Review

The Pirelli P-Zero is a premium summer tire that has many tricks up its sleeve. The Italian manufacturer sure knows how to impress their customers with its wide range of high-performance tires, and the P-Zero thrives on maintaining the company’s legacy.

But, is it really worth the steep price tag? This is what we’re going to find out in our in-depth  Pirelli P-Zero review.


Pirelli P-Zero


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Pros Good traction on dry and wet roads, comfortable and quiet driving experience with excellent grip and cornering capabilities.
Cons Expensive, short treadlife and no warranty on the tread.
Tire sizes 22″, 21″, 20”, 19″, 18” and 17”
Price range Starts from approximately $170.
Warranty It isn’t backed by a tread life warranty

Pirelli P-Zero Tires (Our Review)

Overall Assessment

pirelli p zero review

Everything about the Pirelli P-Zero screams performance. From its bold, asymmetrical tread pattern to the nano-composite rubber compound and strong internal components, The P-Zero is a tire to rely on. 

The P-Zero is used as the stock set in several high-performance sports cars, including the Audi Quattro R8 and the Ferrari 599 GTB, which gives you an idea about how capable this tire is.

Moreover, it offers outstanding traction on all types of dry and wet terrains. With a wide circumferential groove and 3 longitudinal grooves, the risk of hydroplaning is virtually non-existent with this tire.

pirelli pzero reviews

Furthermore, the tire runs quietly on any road, thanks to its innovative S-sipes. The P-Zero also offers an exceptional cornering performance, which is something that spiritual drivers will undoubtedly enjoy. The improved steering responsiveness makes the experience a whole lot better.

However, the tire’s tread wears out quite faster than other tire models, which is pretty normal for high-performance tires.


  • Good traction on dry and wet roads
  • Comfortable and quiet driving experience
  • Excellent grip and cornering capabilities
  • Great steering responsiveness


  • Expensive
  • Short treadlife
  • No warranty on the tread

Vehicles That Can Use Pirelli P-Zero

The Pirelli P-Zero is a good fit for several types of vehicles, including luxury sedans, minivans, and sports cars. Here are some of the cars that can use this tire:

  • Opel Insignia, Astra
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Audi A4, A6
  • BMW 645i, 335i, M3
  • Chevrolet Camaro, Impala SS
  • Chrysler 300
  • Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X
  • Porsche Panamera 4, 911 Carrera
  • Jaguar XK8, XJ8
  • Nissan GT-R

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Sizes and Specs

SizesAvailable Specs
17 Inches225/45ZR17XL 94Y BLK
235/45ZR17XL 97Y BSW
18 Inches225/40ZR18XL 92Y MBZ
225/40ZR18XL 92Y BLK
235/40ZR18XL 95Y MBZ
245/35R18 XL 92Y MBZ
245/40ZR18XL 97Y BLK
245/40ZR18XL 97Y MBZ
245/45ZR18 96Y AUD B
245/50R18 100Y POR B
255/35R18 XL 94Y MBZ
255/40R18 XL 99Y MBZ
255/45R18 99Y AUD B
265/35ZR18XL 97Y M
BZ275/45R18 103Y POR B
285/35R18 97Y MBZ B
19 Inches225/35R19XL 88YVW BW
235/35ZR19XL 91Y MCL
235/35ZR19XL 91Y LAM
235/35R-19 XL 91Y VW
245/35ZR19XL 93Y BMW
245/40ZR19XL 98Y JAG
245/40ZR-19 94Y FER
255/35R19 XL 96Y MB
Z255/35R19XL 96Y AUD
255/35ZR19XL 96Y MBZ
255/35ZR19XL 96Y AM
255/40ZR19 96W VW B
255/40R19 XL 100Y BW
255/40R19XL 100Z FRD
255/45R19 XL 104Y BW
265/30ZR19XL 93Y BLK
265/35ZR19XL 98Y BMW
265/50R19XL 110Y POR
275/35ZR19XL100Y JAG
275/40ZR19XL105Y JAG
285/30ZR19XL 98Y MBZ
285/30R19 XL 98Y MBZ
285/35R19XL 103Y FRD
295/30ZR19XL100Y LAM
295/30ZR19XL 100Y AM
295/30R19XL 100Y POR
295/30ZR19XL100Y LAM
305/30R19XL 102Y POR
20 Inches245/35R20 XL 95Y AM
245/35ZR20XL 95Y MAS
245/35ZR20 91Y POR B
245/45ZR20XL103Y CHV
255/35ZR20XL 97Y JAG
255/35R20 XL 97Y AUD
255/35ZR20XL 97Z MBZ
255/40ZR20XL105Z BEN
255/40ZR20XL101Y POR
265/30ZR20XL 94Y BW
265/35R20 XL 99Y AUD
265/35ZR20XL 99Y BW
265/40R20XL 104Y AUD
275/30ZR20XL 97Y AUD
275/35R20XL 102Z MBZ
275/35ZR20XL102Z BEN
275/35R20XL 102Y AUD
275/40ZR20XL106Y CHV
275/40R20XL 106Y BEN
285/30ZR20XL 99Y JAG
285/30ZR20XL 99Y MAS
285/35R20 100Y FER B
295/30ZR20XL101Y MAS
295/30R20 XL 101Y AM
295/35ZR20XL105Y FER
295/35ZR20 XL 105Y B
305/30ZR20 99Y MCL B
305/35ZR20 104Y FER
335/30ZR20 104Y LAM
21 Inches245/40R21XL 100Y CHV
265/35R21XL 101Y
265/40ZR21XL105Y BEN
275/35ZR21XL103Y BEN
275/35R21XL 103Y CHV
275/35R21XL 103Y BEN
22 Inches285/30ZR22XL 101Y


The Pirelli P-Zero is a little on the expensive side, with a price tag of $170 for the base model. Costs will add up if you opt for a model with better specs. Be on the lookout for special discounts and coupons on this tire if you want to get it at a fraction of the price.


Pirelli doesn’t offer a tread warranty on the P-Zero, which is somewhat disappointing considering that it’s a premium tire. However, tire uniformity is covered for the first year or first 2/32” of wear. 

Workmanship and materials are covered for a lifetime, which is quite impressive. Moreover, you’re eligible for free tire replacements within a year or before the first 2/32” of the tread wears out. A prorated amount is given for the remaining period or until the tire is unrepairable.

pirelli zero tires review

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Pirelli P-Zero Tire Customer Review

Ryan Emmanuel says: “This tire is absolutely insane! I just got a brand new set for my BMW M3, and I simply love them. The grip is nothing short of impressive, and my car’s steering responsiveness has drastically improved.”

Ryan Emmanuel posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review

William E. says: “I’ve always heard about how premium Pirelli’s tires are, so I decided to try out their P-Zero tire. Right after installing them, I immediately noticed a huge difference in my tire’s steering responsiveness.”

William E. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review