Pathfinder Tire Reviews

Pathfinder is a subsidiary of Kumho tires which is based on Korea. The company positions itself as a brand that produces inexpensive tires for light trucks and SUVs with a focus on research and development to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. The tires are available at Discount tire stores around the United States.

pathfinder tire reviews

Pathfinder Tires Overall Assessment

These tires don’t shoot the lights when it comes to their performance, but this is not what they were designed to do either. It is unreasonable to expect a tire priced as Pathfinders are to have similar performance to premium level tires. The tires build is of good quality and one can expect good traction in all conditions with solid on and off-road capabilities.

The biggest draw card of Pathfinder Tires is their price. Their base option starts at $110 which allows you to purchase a complete set of tires for under $500. To put Pathfinders price into real perspective, an average set of tires for a truck will set you back around $1000.

The knocks against the Pathfinder are not really knocks, per say, as the tire doesn’t try to hide what it is. However, one must note the tire does struggle under heavy off-road conditions and high speed turning or precision steering are not to be expected.

Pathfinders are overall a good value proposition when you combine their extremely attractive price, with the performance they provide.


Pathfinders feature many elements that are often associated with premium tires.

One of these features is the tire tread is made up of ridges and tapered grooves. This is a self-cleaning mechanism to preserve the tires longevity.


Price is where Pathfinder really set themselves apart. Due to their innovative techniques, production process and narrow range, they are able to produce a tire that undercuts many competitors in terms of price while not sacrificing too much in the way or performance.


Since Pathfinder is a subsidiary of a much larger brand their offering is particularly niche. Pathfinder offers only a few models which cater to SUVs and light trucks.

Fuel Efficiency

Pathfinder tires are relatively fuel efficient considering they are all terrain truck/SUV tires. Consideration has been made to lower rolling resistance as much as possible given their retail price. In general, the fuel efficiency is acceptable but do not expect frugal performance.

pathfinder tires reviews


The tires come with a 60,000 mile warranty plan which is relatively standard for this type of tire. There have been good reports of tread life lasting throughout the tires lifespan and this is due to tri-polymer tread compounds being used which increases the tires longevity and increases the resistance to cuts and punctures which is important when taken off road.


Pathfinder tires provide good traction and decent handling on multiple surfaces due to their design traits.

The wide circumferential grooves which channel water away from the contact patch which increases the tires braking capabilities. The tire also has hundreds of miniature sipes located around the tread pattern which aid grip on roads that are covered in snow.

Best Pathfinder Tires Models

Pathfinder Sport S A/T

who makes pathfinder tires

This tire is a less aggressive all terrain tire that is geared more toward the road than off it. The Sport S A/T has great traction and handling on the road and the ride is comfortable while the tread life has been reported to be durable. Those who are off road fans, do not despair. Although this tire was designed with road use primarily in mind, it handles respectability on the light off road conditions.

Pathfinder All Terrain

The Pathfinder All Terrain has budget friendly performance. Some of the features of this tire include long tread life, increased hydroplaning resistance and good traction in the wet while exhibiting Pathfinder friendly price tag. Make sure to read our Pathfinder AT review here.

Pathfinder AT HT

The Pathfinder HT is designed to provide confident all-season traction and reliable control on highways for vans, SUVs, and light trucks. It has reliable all season traction. The tire is stable when cruising on the highway and provides great overall value.

Pathfinder Tires Customer Review

Ryan says: “I have a 2005 Ford Ranger Edge. I have also had two other Ford Rangers since 1994 and Pathfinder is by far the best tire that I have had on these vehicles. I have never felt safer when driving in the rain, sleet or snow. I have stayed on top of things with regard to the tires alignment and rotation and I have had barely any wear on the tires.”

Ryan posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Jon says: “I have had these tires on my sports trac for 3 years. The tread wear has been great! They are awesome tires in the winter in America’s North-East. The only negative I have of these tires is they can get flat spots when the truck sits overnight. This is sorted a few miles into your journey though and the ride gets progressively smoother and better.”

Jon posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review

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