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Nitto Tires is a Japanese brand founded in 1949 with headquarters in the USA. Initially, it focused on satisfying local and export demand, but was acquired by Tokyo Tires and remained its subsidiary. Today, at least six global plants manufacture Nitto Tires, from off-road tires to luxury ones. 


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Nitto Tires (Brand Overview)

Nitto Tires Overall Assessment

One of the reasons behind Nitto’s popularity is its willingness to go the extra mile for enthusiasts by manufacturing different tires and sizes that are completely unprecedented, and that’s exactly why we’re fans of the Nitto brand. 

Nitto implements a range of features in their tires to make them capable of handling all sorts of road conditions, be it dry, wet, or buried in snow.

nitto tires review

Some Nitto tires are manufactured with a heavy emphasis on a particular purpose, like the Nitto NT 555 Extreme Performance, which is a high-performance summer radial. In contrast, other tires, like the popular NT850 Plus, flaunt all-season capabilities.


Nitto is a brand that prides itself on meticulous craftsmanship, and it really shows with every single tire that’s sporting the brand’s logo. The rubber, polymer, and the rest of the raw materials from which tires are formed are carefully selected to ensure optimal performance and durability. Not only that, but each step of the manufacturing process undergoes quality checks as well. 

Traction levels, noise output, handling, and cornering are all metrics that Nitto tests thoroughly with the aid of computers to make sure that every single tire they produce meets their standards of quality. With that in mind, it’s not that hard to see why Nitto is one of the most popular tire brands in North America, especially when you consider their prices.


When it comes to providing great value for the money, Nitto is simply second to none. 

We’re not going to say that Nitto offers the lowest prices out there because any brand can simply put out wallet-friendly tires that don’t live that long or perform very well. But, we’re going to say that Nitto tires have more to offer as far as features and functionality than other tires within the same price point. 

It’s also worth pointing out that Nitto’s premium tires are considerably more cost-effective than premium tires from other competitor brands. The Nitto Motivo and Dura Grappler are excellent examples of this. 

nitto tire reviews


Nitto understands that every driving experience is unique, which is why the brand’s lineup of tires is extremely diverse, featuring lots of different shapes and sizes. Whichever vehicle you own, it’s highly likely that you’ll find a set of Nitto tires that are perfect for it. Simply put, there’s a Nitto tire for every type of vehicle and driver.

Most tire brands focus solely on manufacturing 17-inch and 20-inch tires, but not Nitto. You can find Nitto tires that are as small as 15 inches and as large as 30 inches, depending on the type of tire you’re in the market for. And like we already mentioned, Nitto tires are very well-equipped, enabling them to handle different road conditions.

Fuel Efficiency

Nitto tires designed to tread all sorts of terrain tend to be pretty fuel-efficient, especially the Nitto Terra Grappler G2. However, their off-road tires are a little less efficient when it comes to fuel consumption, but that’s the case with virtually all off-road tires from any brand. So, if you care about fuel efficiency, we recommend opting for all-terrain tires.


Nitto’s meticulous selection of materials helps ensure immense durability, comfort, and stability. Most of the company’s tires feature a spiral construction for smooth driving. Not only that, but they also feature sidewalls designed in a way enabling them to stave off rocks to increase durability and provide the driver with maximum comfort. 

The average tread warranty on a Nitto tire is around 50,000 miles, proving that the brand is willing to stand behind its tires with total confidence in their build quality.

are nitto tires good


Ensuring excellent handling is at the top of Nitto’s list of priorities when manufacturing a tire. You should expect precision steering that’s equal to that of race cars. Nitto’s tires feature center ribs and tread asymmetrical patterns, helping deliver superior traction, be it on straights or sharp turns.

Best Nitto Tires

Nitto Neo Gen

nitto tires reviews

These all-season tires are your go-to if you’re looking for superb control and street performance with minimal noise. They’re especially suitable for lowered vehicles. The Neo Gen tires feature reinforced tread edges to prevent wear and ensure a superior grip when braking. 

Nitto Terra Grappler

nitto tire review

The Terra Grappler is designed to deliver excellent on- and off-road performance. They’re ideal for SUVs and lightweight truck varieties, featuring reinforced coupling joints that add to the block edge’s rigidity. These are one of the best tires for driving on icy and wet roads, too.

Nitto INVO 

nitto tires ratings

If you seek the ultimate road noise reduction, it doesn’t get better than the Nitto INVO. These tires flaunt a very unique tread pattern that ensures maximum comfort and minimal road noise.

Nitto NT555R

nitto tire ratings

The NT555R are among the most popular Nitto tires on the market, providing exceptional grip that makes them suitable for the street. The tires’ durability is off the roof, and they wear pretty evenly. 

Nitto Dura Grappler

review nitto tires

The Dura Grappler are excellent tires for those who champion quiet, stable rides. Not to mention, these tires flaunt remarkable on-road performance and offer a decent grip on off-road terrain. 

Nitto NT421Q

best nitto tires

These are premium all-season tires designed for modern SUVs and crossovers. They’re very stylish and offer exceptional traction on dry and wet roads. They’re comfortable and quiet, too, which is a plus. 

Check out other Nitto tires with our Nitto NT05 Review for example.

Nitto Tire Customer Review

Mike G. says: “These tires look absolutely stunning. They’ve significantly improved my vehicle’s cornering, and they perform very well on wet and icy roads.”

Mike G. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Brandon F. says: “These Nittos are truly a breath of fresh air. They’re extremely comfortable with little to no shake whatsoever. I’m able to drive on dry, wet, and snow engulfed roads with equal efficiency.”

Brandon F. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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