How to Use a Tire Machine

How to Use a Tire Machine

You’re lucky enough to have access to a tire machine, you need to know what you’re doing. Check out this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to use a tire machine! 

Note: Depending on what kind of machine you have, the steps for using it may differ. Always be sure to consult the user manual and follow all safety precautions. 

How Do You Dismount a Tire With a Tire Machine?

how to mount a tire on a rim with a machine

Here’s how to use your machine to dismount a tire:

1. Take Out the Valve Stem

The first step in this how to use a tire machine guide is taking out the stem valve stem. To do so, you need to use a valve stem remover. This step allows the rubber to deflate, ensuring it doesn’t blow up when you break the bead. 

2. Break the Bead

Next, you’ll need to break the bead. Line the edge of the bead breaker up against the edge of the rim. Gradually push the corresponding pedal until the bead breaker frees the rim from the rubber. 

To make the rim completely loose, you’ll need to rotate the wheel a couple of times and repeat this process on other areas of the bead. You’ll also need to repeat this process on the other side. 

3. Place Tire on Top of Machine

Place the tire on top of the machine, ensuring you line up the rim with the claws. Push the corresponding pedal to lock it into place. 

 how to mount low profile tires

4. Adjust the Swing Arm

Pull the swing arm so that it hangs over the claws. At the end of the swing arm, there should be a piece that looks like a duck (it features the duck’s beak, head, and tail). Use the swing arm’s knob to lower the duck until the tail rests on the edge of the rim. Pull the corresponding lever to lock it into place. 

5. Grab a Tire Spoon

Grab a tire spoon and insert the side with the shallow curve into the tire. The shallow curve should be facing out, and the spoon should rest against the duck’s beak. Push down on the other side of the rubber and pull the spoon over to lift up the rubber. 

6. Rotate the Wheel

Keep your hand on the spoon to prevent it from popping back up. Then, rotate the wheel by pushing the corresponding pedal. This process should remove the upper bead. 

7. Remove the Lower Bead

Once you remove the upper bead, you’ll need to remove the lower bead. Position the tire at an angle to access the lower bead and repeat step 6.

How Do You Mount a Tire With a Tire Machine? 

Once you dismount a tire, you’ll need to know how to put a new one on. Here’s how to mount a tire with your machine: 

how to use tire changer

1. Apply Bead Sealer

Because metal and rubber don’t glide well against each other, you should use a bead sealer. Apply the paste to the inside beads of the rim and tire. 

2. Reposition the Swing Arm

Move the swing arm back into position. Lower the duck until it rests on the edge of the rim, making sure that the beak is not too close to prevent rim scratches. 

3. Position the Lower Bead

Position the lower bead so that it sits over the duck’s head but under the tail. Press the rotation pedal until the tire drops onto the rim. 

4. Position the Upper Bead

Position the upper bead so that it sits over the duck’s tail but underneath the head (it should be in the opposite position of the lower bead). Rotate the wheel while pushing down on the rubber until the tire pops onto the rim. 

how to use tire machine

5. Reseat the Bead

Grab the machine’s hose and attach it to the valve. Push the corresponding pedal to add air and reseat the bead. Note that when you push the pedal, air will also shoot out from underneath the tire to facilitate the process. 

6. Put the Valve Stem Back On 

Remove the machine’s hose to expose the valve. Reattach the valve stem by gently screwing it on with a valve stem tool. 

7. Add More Air 

Between the time you remove the machine’s hose and reattach the valve stem, air will leak out. Add more after you reattach the valve stem. You can use the machine’s gauge to know the pressure, but always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s psi specifications. 

Note: When you add more air, be sure to unlock the claws to prevent the tire from popping up.  

The Bottom Line

Knowing how to use a tire machine is empowering — with our guide, you can make one less trip to the auto shop! 

While these steps may seem easy, remember to always follow safety precautions and take the time to become familiar with your specific machine. 

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