Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus Tire Review

The Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus is the tire manufacturer’s latest offering in the high-performance lineup. The new UHP tire is built for the motorist who is looking to get the maximum out of their vehicle. The Pilot AS 3 Plus is designed for sports cars, coupes and sedans and is arguably one of Michelin’s best products yet.



pilot sport as 3+ review

Pilot AS 3 Plus

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Bottom Line Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus is the best tire in the ultra-high performance, all-season category.

Great grip, good ride comfort, superb traction in the dry and wet.


Can feel bumpy while driving aggressively.

Tire sizes

16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, and 20″.

Price range

Starts at $165.


45,000 miles.

Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus Tire Review

Overall Assessment

The Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus is an upgrade from their Pilot Sport AS 3 and Michelin have done a superb job at addressing some of the previous tires shortcomings.

michelin pilot sport as 3 plus review

The snow traction has been improved by 28% which puts it in competition with some of the leading tires in this category. This is achieved through the Helio compound and the unique biting edges in the tread grooves. The tire has superb traction regardless of the season and Michelin’s Variable Contact Patch 3.0 reduces heat distortion for a leech like grip while cornering. This tire is incredibly responsive to accelerating or braking throughout the speed ranges.

There isn’t much to write home about that comes to what we don’t like about the Pilot A/S 3 Plus. Some drivers have reported poor tread life and others have said there is excessive road noise, especially at higher speeds. However, this may be due to an incorrect setup. The tire can also bring out the worst in badly hit bumps but in general, there really was not much that we didn’t like about the tire.

With the improvement in its snow capabilities, along with its overall top performance in a number of other categories; the Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus has cemented itself as the best tire in the ultra-high performance, all-season category.

If you are looking to improve your sports coupe or luxury sedans performance, there really isn’t a reason to look beyond the Michelin Pilot A_S 3 Plus.

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  • Great grip while cornering and stability in general
  • Fast and direct steering response
  • Good ride comfort
  • Good tread life
  • Superb Traction in the dry and wet


  • The odd bump can be felt if hit at the wrong angle or while driving aggressively                
pilot sport as 3+ review

Vehicles that can use Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus Tire:

The Pilot AS 3 is a versatile tire and below is a list of some of the vehicles it is compatible with:

  • Audi A6, A4, A8L, TT
  • BMW 135i, 545i, 550i, 750Li, M5, M3, 330i
  • Chevrolet Corvette, Impala, Monte Carlo SS, Camaro, Cobalt, Cruze, Malibu
  • Dodge Charger, Avenger, Challenger
  • Ford Mustang GT, Fusion, Focus, Explorer, Contour
  • Honda Civic, CRZ
  • Hyundai Sonata, Veloster
  • Jaguar XKR, XK8
  • Lexus GS350, GS430, IS300, LS460L
  • Mazda3, RX-8, Miata
  • Mercedes-Benz E550, SL55, SL500, SLK320, CLK430
  • Nissan 370Z, Maxima
  • Subaru Legacy, Outback, Impreza, BRZ
  • Volkswagen Jetta, CC Sport, Passat, GTi

Note – This is not a full list of vehicles which are compatible with the Michelin Pilot A/S 3 Plus.

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Sizes and Specs

The Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus is available in several different sizes and specs:


  • 225/50ZR16 92Y BSW
  • 205/55ZR16 91Y BSW


  • 245/40ZR17 91Y BSW
  • 255/40ZR17 94Y BSW
  • 205/45ZR17 84W BSW
  • 215/45ZR17/XL 91W BSW
  • 225/45ZR17/XL 94Y BSW
  • 235/45ZR17/XL 97Y BSW
  • 245/45ZR17/XL 99Y BSW
  • 205/50ZR17/XL 93Y BSW
  • 215/50ZR17/XL 95W BSW
  • 225/50ZR17 94W BSW
  • 235/50ZR17 96Y BSW
  • 235/55ZR17 99W BSW


  • 245/35ZR18/XL 92Y BSW
  • 255/35ZR18/XL 94Y BSW
  • 265/35ZR18/XL 97Y BSW
  • 275/35ZR18 95Y BSW
  • 285/35ZR18 97Y BSW
  • 205/40ZR18/XL 86W BSW
  • 215/40ZR18 85Y BSW
  • 225/40ZR18/XL 92Y BSW
  • 235/40ZR18/XL 95Y BSW
  • 245/40ZR18/XL 97Y BSW
  • 255/40ZR18 95Y BSW
  • 275/40ZR18 99Y BSW
  • 285/40ZR18 101Y BSW
  • 215/45ZR18/XL 93Y BSW
  • 225/45ZR18/XL 95Y BSW
  • 245/45ZR18/XL 100Y BSW
  • 255/45ZR18 99Y BSW
  • 225/50ZR18 95W BSW
  • 235/50ZR18 97Y BSW
pilot sport as 3 plus review


  • 275/30ZR19/XL 96Y BSW
  • 285/30ZR19/XL 98Y BSW
  • 225/35ZR19/XL 88Y BSW
  • 245/35ZR19/XL 93Y BSW
  • 255/35ZR19/XL 96Y BSW
  • 265/35ZR19/XL 98Y BSW
  • 275/35ZR19 96Y BSW
  • 285/35ZR19/XL 103Y BSW
  • 225/40ZR19/XL 93Y BSW
  • 245/40ZR19/XL 98Y BSW
  • 255/40ZR19/XL 100Y BSW
  • 265/40ZR19 98W BSW
  • 275/40ZR19 101Y BSW
  • 285/40ZR19 103Y BSW
  • 225/45ZR19/XL 96Y BSW
  • 245/45ZR19 98Y BSW
  • 255/45ZR19 100Y BSW
  • 245/50ZR19/XL 105W BSW


  • 285/30ZR20/XL 99Y BSW
  • 255/35ZR20/XL 97Y BSW
  • 275/35ZR20/XL 102Y BSW
  • 285/35ZR20 100W BSW
  • 245/45ZR20/XL 103Y BSW
  • 255/45ZR20 101Y BSW


The Michelin Pilot A_S 3 Plus starts at approximately $165 for a base model which is a good price for such a performance tire. Occasionally you may also find discount offers, coupons and special prices on the tire which is retailer dependent.

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The Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus has a warranty of 45,000 miles. The uniformity of the tire is guaranteed for the first year or first 2/32 inch of tread wear. There is a 6 year materials and workmanship warranty which includes free replacement for the first 2/32 inch of wear. There is also a prorated amount given for the remaining time period or when the tires wear down to the final 2/32 inch of the tread depth.

One must note that the mileage is reduced by half if different sizes are fitted to the front and rear.

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Michelin Pilot AS 3 Plus Tire Customer Review

Stewart says: “This tire blows the previous Z rated tire by another manufacturer out of the water in every possible way. It is quieter, has tighter turning and I am far more confident in my safety. I can honestly say that these tires are far and away the best I have had.”

Stewart posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Doug says: “I have put the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus my BMW 328i. In the dry or wet these reassure you with their traction and mek you feel alive, but also safe. There has been little In the way of road noise and has handled amazingly. I highly recommend these tires for any sporty car, you can’t go wrong.”

Doug posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review