Michelin LTX M/S Review

Released in 2015, the LTX M/S from Michelin was designed to replace the LTX M/S2. Sounds crazy, right? Considering how the LTX M/S2 is an absolute beast of a tire. 



michelin ltx m/s2 review

Premier A/S

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Bottom Line The only thing that may throw you off about this tire is its steep price tag. But in our opinion, this tire is worth every single penny.
Pros Sturdy tread compound that will last for years, excellent all-season traction even in the snow and offers a great deal of value despite being costly.
Cons Not the most budget-friendly all-season tire.
Tire sizes 20”, 19″, 18”, 17”, 16” and 15”
Price range Starts from approximately $125.
Warranty 70,000 miles/6-year warranty.

How does the LTX M/S manage to replace such a top-performer? Well, it builds on what the M/S2 has already achieved, combining its best traits with newer technology like Michelin’s own Evertread. Does the 2015 LTX M/S succeed in topping its predecessor? Let’s find out. 

Michelin LTX M/S (Our Review)

Overall Assessment

michelin ltx ms review

This isn’t going to be a very lengthy assessment because we all know how impressive Michelin tires are. From year-round traction to reliable braking and handling to responsive steering and ultra-comfortable ride experience, there’s nothing faulty about the LTX M/2.

The only thing that may throw you off about this tire is its steep price tag. But in our opinion, this tire is worth every single penny. SUV and truck driving doesn’t get any more enjoyable than with the LTX M/S.  

michelin ltx m/s review

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  • Sturdy tread compound that will last for years
  • Excellent all-season traction even in the snow
  • Offers a great deal of value despite being costly
  • It’s backed by an exceptional warranty policy


  • Not the most budget-friendly all-season tire

Vehicles That Can Use Michelin LTX M/S

The Michelin LTX M/S  is intended for drivers of full-size pickups and SUVs. Below is a shortlist of some of the most popular vehicles compatible with the Michelin LTX M/S.

  • Jeep: Wrangler, Liberty, Grand Cherokee
  • Chevrolet: S10, Silverado, Tahoe, K2500, Avalanche, Suburban, Colorado, Blazer
  • Dodge: Durango, Ram, Dakota
  • Lexus: GX470
  • Ford: Escape, Expedition, Ranger, Excursion, Bronco, F-150, Explorer
  • GMC: Canyon, Yukon, Sierra
  • Honda: Element, CR-V
  • Toyota: Tacoma, Highlander, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Sequoia
  • Hummer: H3, H2
  • Nissan: Frontier, Titan, Xterra, Armada, Pathfinder

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Sizes and Specs

SizeAvailable Specs
15 Inches31×10.50R15 C 109R OWL
205/65R15 XL 99T BSW
215/75R15 100T OWL
235/75R15 XL 109T OWL
235/75R15 XL 109T OWL
16 Inches215/55R16 XL 97H BSW
255/65R16 109T OWL
215/70R16 100H BSW
235/70R16 XL 109T OWL
235/70R16 XL 109T OWL
245/70R16 107T OWL
255/70R16 111T OWL
255/70R16 111T OWL
265/70R16 112T OWL
265/70R16 112T OWL
275/70R16 114H BSW
LT225/75R16 E 115/112R BSW
235/75R16 XL 112T OWL
LT245/75R16 E 120/116R BSW
245/75R16 111T OWL
LT265/75R16 E 123/120R OWL
265/75R16 116T OWL
LT215/85R16 E 115/112R BSW
LT235/85R16 E 120/116R BSW
17 Inches215/50R17 XL 95H BSW
225/55R17 XL 101H BSW
225/65R17 102H BSW
225/65R17 102H BSW
235/65R17 104T BSW
235/65R17 104T BSW
245/65R17 107T BSW
245/65R17 107T BSW
255/65R17 110T BSW
265/65R17 112T BSW
265/65R17 112T BSW
235/70R17 XL 109T BSW
LT245/70R17 E 119/116R BSW
255/70R17 112T BSW
LT265/70R17 E 121/118R OWL
265/70R17 115T OWL
265/70R17 115T OWL
LT285/70R17 E 121/118R BSW
LT295/70R17 E 121/118R BSW
LT225/75R17 E 116/113R BSW
235/75R17 109T BSW
LT245/75R17 E 121/118R BSW
255/75R17 115T BSW
18 Inches235/55R18 100T BSW
245/60R18 105H BSW
245/60R18 105H BSW
265/60R18 110T BSW
275/60R18 113H BSW
235/65R18 106T BSW
LT255/65R18 E 120/117R BSW
255/65R18 111T BSW
255/65R18 111T BSW
265/65R18 114T BSW
LT275/65R18 E 123/120R BSW
275/65R18 116T BSW
LT285/65R18 E 125/122R BSW
265/70R18 116T BSW
LT265/70R18 E 124/121R BSW
LT275/70R18 E 125/122R BSW
LT295/70R18 E 129/126R BSW
19 Inches255/50R19 XL 107H BSW
235/55R19 XL 105H BSW
245/55R19 103H BSW
255/60R19 109H BSW
20 Inches35×12.50R20 E 121R BSW
255/50R20 XL 109H BSW
265/50R20 107T BSW
305/50R20 116H BSW
255/55R20 XL 110H BSW
275/55R20 113T BSW
275/55R20 113T BSW
LT265/60R20 E 121/118R BSW
275/60R20 115T BSW
LT285/60R20 E 125/122R BSW
LT275/65R20 E 126/123R BSW
LT285/65R20 E 127/124R BSW
LT295/65R20/E 129/126R BSW


The Michelin LTX M/S starts at around $125, which is quite impressive, but then again, this is a Michelin tire, and we all know their standard of quality. 

Be on the lookout for special offers such as discounts, rebates, and coupons to knock off a few bucks off the price. Keep in mind, though, that the prices could vary from one dealer to another. 

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The LTX M/S is backed by a superb 70,000-mile/6-year tread warranty on H and T-Speed sizes, whereas LT sizes are backed by a 50,000-mile/6-year warranty. 

michelin ltx m/s reviews

Uniformity is covered for the first 2/32 inch of wear or the first year of use. You also get to enjoy Michelin’s 3-year flat tire changing service and 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Michelin LTX M/S Tire Customer Review

William B. says: “70,000-mile warranty and solid year-round traction? Sign me up, please. Been a Michelin man for years, and I’m not planning on changing that”

William B. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Viola A. says: “Finally took the decision to switch from Nitto to Michelin, and I’m truly impressed by the boost in performance that came with this decision.”

Viola A. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review