Maxxis Tires Review

Maxxis is one of the most prominent brands of tires from Taiwan. The brand develops tires for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including light trucks, ATVs, and even motorcycles. The brand is owned by Cheng Shin and all Maxxis tires are manufactured in Taiwan. Stick around as we’re about to cover everything you need to know about the brand in this Maxxis tires review. 


Maxxis Buckshot Mudder II MT-764

Buckshot Mudder II MT-764

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Maxxis Creepy Crawler M-8090

Creepy Crawler M-8090

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Maxxis Razr MT

Razr MT

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Maxxis Tires (Brand Overview)

Maxxis Tires Overall Assessment

Maxxis might not be as big as the likes of Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone, but the brand has definitely established a solid reputation that notable car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, GM, and Ford have contracted with them. The brand has also received numerous quality awards that solidify its status as one of the best tire brands out there. 

maxxis tires review


Maxxis has spent millions of dollars on everything from high-speed, and brake performance tests to noise vibration and handling tests to ensure that their products are up to standard, so you can rest assured that your new set of Maxxis tires are going to stand the test of time. 


Quality comes at a price, which is why Maxxis tires are priced higher than other competitors. On average, a Maxxis tire will cost you around the $120 price range, which, in our opinion, is pretty reasonable considering the quality they have to offer. 


maxxis tire review

When it comes to commercial vehicles, Maxxis excels at providing high-quality tires for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers. The brand offers a wide variety of sizes and specs for each model. 

Fuel Efficiency

There’s nothing worth noting about the fuel efficiency of Maxxis tires. They’re just as consuming as most tires designed for crossovers, trucks, and SUVs. 


Maxxis tires are built to last for many years no matter how intensively you use them in harsh terrain. Maxxis tires are also backed by excellent tread warranties to ensure their durability. 

maxxis tires reviews


Excellent handling and grip are staples amongst all of Maxxis tires, whether they’re designed for passenger cars or off-road vehicles. They’re equipped with the latest in tire technology to deliver optimal stability and traction on all sorts of terrain. They’re also extremely comfortable and quiet.

Best Maxxis Tires

Maxxis Buckshot Mudder II MT-764

where are maxxis tires made

The Buckshot Mudder II MT-764 is an aggressive-looking tire that offers remarkable performance on off-road terrain. Whether you use it in the mud, dirt, sand, gravel, or even grass, it’ll perform very adequately. It also displays admirable on-road manners, especially on dry terrain. However, it’s not the quietest tire for the highway, and we wouldn’t recommend it for winter use. Make sure to read our full Maxxis Buckshot Mudder 2 Review here.

Maxxis Creepy Crawler M-8090

maxxis car tires review

The Creepy Crawler M-8090 is the true definition of off-road aesthetics. This thing just looks like an absolute beast. It offers superior off-road traction on rock and in the mud. In addition, it’s built like a tank. Unlike the Buckshot Mudder II MT-764, however, the Creepy Crawler doesn’t display good on-road manners, and it’s a little noisy on the highway.

Maxxis Razr MT 

maxxis car tires

The Razr MT is another exceptional off-road performance tire from Maxxis that can handle any sort of rugged terrain with absolute grace. The tire is pretty easy to balance and flaunts superb tread life. Moreover, it displays excellent on-road manners, so you can take it for a drive on the pavement without any problems. Just avoid using it in deep snow.

Maxxis M8008 ST Radial

maxxis tyres review

The Maxxis M8008 ST Radial is one of the best RV tires on the market today. The tire excels in virtually all categories, from dry and wet traction to comfort, noise, and treadwear. It’s incredibly stable and quiet whether you’re driving on dry or wet terrain. It can also navigate snowy terrains with great efficiency. 

Maxxis Bighorn MT-762

maxxis truck tires review

The Bighorn MT-762 is one of the most comfortable off-road tires from Maxxis. It can navigate rocks, mud, gravel, sand, and grass very easily. It’s also one of the best off-road tires when it comes to snow and ice traction. It’s really hard to find a mud-terrain tire that’s comfortable, and that’s exactly why this tire stands out. It’s not the quietest on pavements, though. 

Maxxis Bravo Series AT-771

maxxis truck tires

The Maxxis Bravo Series AT-771 might not be as robust or aggressive-looking as the tires listed above, but it definitely offers capable traction on most off-road terrain. Further, it flaunts superb handling and grip capabilities both on dry and wet terrain. We wouldn’t recommend using it in the mud or in deep snow, though, as it struggles quite a bit with such surfaces. 

Maxxis Tire Customer Review

Boyd C. says: “There’s no beating Maxxis when it comes to delivering exceptional off-road tires. Trust me, I’ve tried plenty of off-road tires from other brands, none of them perform or look quite as good as a Maxxis tire. I’ve been using the Maxxis Bighorn MT-762 for years now and it has never failed me once. Highly recommended!”

Boyd C. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Gareth B. says: “I might not have tried all the tires that Maxxis has to offer, but the ones that I’ve tried have been nothing short of incredible. These bad boys simply do not submit to any sort of terrain. I’ve tried them in gravel, sand, and on rocks, and they did nothing but offer a smooth ride. Excellent tires.”

Gareth B. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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