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Mastercraft Tires form as a subsidiary of Cooper Tires and have been crafting top quality tires for the last century. These tires are manufactured for medium to large type vehicles including SUVs, passenger cars and light trucks. The brand has a reputation for producing excellent tires and striving for effortless performance in tough weather conditions whilst providing exceptional value for money.


Mastercraft Courser AXT

Courser AXT

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mastercraft courser mxt review

Courser MXT

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Mastercraft Strategy


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Mastercraft Tires Overall Assessment

Mastercraft is an offshoot brand under a significant brand in the tire industry. Their product offering is extensive and ensures that no matter the vehicle you drive, you will have reliable tires. This is a trustworthy company that is revered by many users across the globe. Mastercraft offers drivers premium quality through their choice of resources and materials.

mastercraft tires reviews

They are designed in the US and their manufacturing facilities are based in Texas. The brand produces eco friendly units for consumption and their prices are budget friendly. All these factors allow for increases in sales and helps them stand out amongst competitors. With Mastercraft, there are a wide range of tire options depending on the vehicle you drive and ensure your safety all year round.


The mere fact that Mastercraft tires are manufactured alongside Cooper designs means that it shares manufacturing facilities and materials. This means that Mastercraft are able to produce the same high quality and performance features that Cooper tires possess. 


Mastercraft has recognised the need for a unique selling point and ultimately positioned itself to beat the competitors through price differentiation.These tires possess many similar design elements which are incorporated by competitor brands as well. However, Mastercraft stands out amongst the rest by selling tires for $20, which is a whopping $40 cheaper than prevailing brands on the market meaning their tires provide exceptional value for money.


Mastercraft has designed various types of tires and provides alternative solutions for different seasons. With a variety of options to choose from in each category, the brand hosts a range of performance enhancing tires. The Mastercraft Strategy tires aim to provide drivers with the perfect summer tire for passenger vehicles, while the Mastercraft Courser AXTs are designed to equip SUVs and trucks. Along with that, Mastercraft also provide options for drivers who perform the majority of their driving in the winter with its Glacier Trex tires.

Fuel Efficiency

For drivers seeking optimized fuel consumption of their vehicles, Mastercraft manufactures tires which provide the ultimate driving experience for drivers. The brand uses soft materials that are both durable and allow for a smooth ride as they dampen and absorb vibrations felt on the roads. The lightweight design of Mastercraft tires allows for lower rolling resistance which ultimately reduces the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

mastercraft tire reviews


The tires are designed with high quality tread compound technology which makes them exceptionally flexible at high temperatures while also steering clear of excessive wear and tear. The standard mileage warranty offered by the brand is 50000 miles while offering a further 45 day road test for all their tires. Overall, Matercraft stay true to themselves by increasing value for money and providing a great mileage warranty on their tires. 


Mastercraft tires feature the latest technology with asymmetrical tread patterns and meticulously designed rigid treads.These features greatly improve the handling of vehicles on dry roads. The treads are designed with edges and grooves which resist against hydroplaning and lock in snow in the tread to gain maximum grip.

Best Mastercraft tires?

Mastercraft Courser AXT

Mastercraft Courser AXT

The Courser AXT is a purpose built all terrain tire designed for 4x4s, SUVs and pickups. These tires feature unique designs which provide maximum performance gains and allow for excellent off road traction.

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Mastercraft Courser MXT

Mastercraft Courser MXT

Mastercraft have done a good job with their Courser MXT. Many off-road enthusiasts will love the Courser MXT as it ticks many of the boxes one would ask for when designing an MT tire. Click here for our full review of Mastercraft Courser MXT tires and here for our similar Courser HTX Mastercraft Review.

Mastercraft Strategy

Mastercraft Strategy

The Strategy is designed as a standard all season tire which provides good traction all year round regardless of the weather conditions. With that, they are economically priced and make for an excellent overall tire.

Mastercraft Avenger

Mastercraft Avenger

The Avenger radial tire features refined tread elements and a durable center which increases ride comfort and reduces road noise for enhanced performance on the roads.

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Mastercraft Tires Customer Reviews

David says: “Put these tires on my Chevy truck for fishing in the mountains. Was extremely impressed with the dependability of tread life and design. Outer sidewall grips in all aspects of conditions. Have trekked through mud, rocks, snow, ice and even mud during the winter season. These tires never let me down or left me stranded. Have over 60K miles on these tires and will have to replace soon. Will only run these tires on my truck from now on.”

David posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Christina says: “I purchased these tires for my son for his 2000 Chevy Silverado, awesome tires, look great on the truck, he received lots of compliments on these tires and he is very happy with tires.”

Christina posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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