Mastercraft Courser AXT Tire Review

The Mastercraft Courser AXT is an all-terrain tire designed for SUVs, pickups and 4x4s. It is built with the “weekend warrior” in mind and is a reliable tire that is at home performing day-to-day tasks while still being able to handle an off-road excursion or two over the weekend.



Mastercraft Courser AXT

Courser AXT

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Bottom Line This is a good middle of the road tire which is sure to give decent performance in most situations.
Pros Reliable performance in light off road terrain.
Cons Road noise could be quieter and there us Traction when on rougher terrain.
Tire sizes 20″, 18″, 17″, 16″ and 15″.
Price range Starts at approximately $103.
Warranty 50,000 miles.

Mastercraft Courser AXT Tire Review

Overall Assessment

Mastercraft is a tire that is produced as a sub brand of Cooper Tire. The Mastercraft creates a product that has solid performance on and off road while being competitively priced. The Mastercraft Courser AXT has a similar tread design to the Cooper AT3 which in of itself is a particularly good tire.

The Mastercraft Courser AXT is not a tire that is designed to shoot the lights out when it comes to performance. It simply is not in its DNA. Where the tire really does shine is its general performance on a daily basis across the full spectrum of conditions and terrains which a SUV or pickup driver may encounter including sand, gravel, light mud, dirt or grass. It has good traction and handling and when coupled with its price, makes the Courser AXT a good value proposition for the motorist looking for versatility.

mastercraft courser axt review

As mentioned, the tire is not designed to take on heavy duty action. The rock performance is not great and heavy mud can prove to be difficult.

Overall, this is a good middle of the road tire which is sure to give decent performance in most situations at a more accessible price. As long as you are aware of this tire’s limitations, it is a perfectly good option for those looking for a good all round deal.


  • Good traction on the road in all conditions
  • Reliable performance in light off road terrain
  • Pricing compared to some of its competitors                                                     


  • Road noise could be quieter
  • Traction when on rougher terrain
mastercraft courser axt reviews

Vehicles that can use Mastercraft Courser AXT Tire

The tire is designed for SUVs and pickups and other 4x4s. Below is a list of some of the popular vehicle choices for the Mastercraft Courser AXT Tire:

  • Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, Avalanche, S10, Suburban, K2500,
    Colorado, Blazer
  • Dodge Ram, Durango, Dakota
  • Ford Expedition, Escape, Ranger, Bronco, F-150, Explorer
  • GMC Yukon, Sierra, Canyon
  • Honda Element, CR-V, Ridgeline
  • Isuzu Trooper
  • Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Liberty
  • Mazda B4000
  • Mercury Mountaineer
  • Mitsubishi Montero
  • Nissan Titan, Xterra, Frontier
  • Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Highlander

Note – This is not a full list of vehicles which are compatible with the

Sizes and Specs

The Mastercraft Courser AXT is available in several different sizes and specs:


  • LT235/75R15 104101R C OWL
  • 30X9.50R15LT 104R C OWL
  • 31X10.50R15LT 109R C OWL
  • 32X11.50R15LT 113R C OWL
  • 33X12.50R15LT 108R C OWL


  • LT215/85R16 115112R E BLK
  • LT235/85R16 120116R E BLK
  • LT225/75R16 115112R E BLK
  • LT245/75R16 108104R C OWL
  • LT245/75R16 120116R E OWL
  • LT265/75R16 112109R C OWL
  • LT265/75R16 123120R E OWL
  • LT285/75R16 126123R E OWL
  • LT315/75R16 127124R E OWL
  • LT265/70R16 121118R E OWL
  • LT305/70R16 124121R E OWL


  • LT235/80R17 120117R E OWL
  • LT245/75R17 121118S E OWL
  • LT245/70R17 119116R E OWL
  • LT265/70R17 121118R E OWL
  • LT265/70R17 112109R C OWL
  • LT275/70R17 114110R C OWL
  • LT275/70R17 121118R E OWL
  • LT285/70R17 121118S E BLK
  • LT315/70R17 121118R D OWL
mastercraft axt reviews


  • LT265/70R18 124121S E OWL
  • LT275/70R18 125122S E OWL
  • LT275/65R18 113110S C OWL
  • LT275/65R18 123120S E OWL
  • LT285/65R18 125122S E OWL


  • LT265/60R20 121118R E BLK
  • LT285/55R20 122119R E BLK
  • LT305/55R20 121118S E BLK


This is one of the tires selling points. Mastercraft Courser AXT starts at approximately $103 for a base model. Occasionally you may also find discount offers, coupons and special prices on the tire which is retailer dependent.


The Mastercraft Courser AXT has a warranty of 5 year or 50,000 miles. The uniformity of the tire is guaranteed for the first year or first 2/32 inch of tread wear.

There is a 5 year materials and workmanship warranty which includes free replacement for the first year or 25% of tread wear. The amount is prorated down to the final 2/32 inch of the tread depth. Click here to read all our Mastercraft tire reviews:
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Mastercraft Courser AXT Tire Customer Reviews

Rob says: “I bought the Mastercraft Courser AXT and I am very happy. For the price they are good quality and I have found the traction to be good in many situations, even in the snow which was surprising. They really are a good bang for your buck. 275/70/17 on 2011 Silverado.”

Rob posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review

Jack says: “These tires are fantastic despite the terrain and I have used them on concrete, dirt, mud, rocks, and snow. I have had them on my Jeep for a few years and I have never had an issue with them. The other day when I got home from work, , I saw a pocket utility knife had gotten stuck into one of the tires. I pulled it out and it was nearly all the way into the tread. The tire had no leak and still held air which was very impressive. The off road performance is surprisingly good for the price. I really cannot recommended these tires enough”

Jack posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review