Lexani Tires Review

Lexani is a South-Korean sub-brand of Nexen Tires that has established itself as a giant in the rims market. Their rims are designed with luxury vehicles in mind, so if you’re looking for some wheels that will make your vehicle stand out, you ought to check Lexani’s offerings.

To complement their superior wheels, Lexani started manufacturing tires that flaunt a sporty, low-profile design. However, you’ll notice that Lexani tires are on the cheaper side.


Lexani LX-Thirty


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Lexani LXHT-206


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Lexani LX-SIX II


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So, what exactly are we looking at here? Are we looking at a brand of tires that’s here to take the market by storm? Or are we looking at tires that look overly good to compensate for their poor performance? Continue reading for a definitive answer. 

Lexani Tires (Brand Overview)

Lexani Tires Overall Assessment

lexani tires review

The main aspect that sets Lexani tires apart from other competitors is their aesthetics. The sole purpose of these tires is to add some extra swankiness or ritziness to already-luxurious vehicles like a Benz or a Beamer. And it does so at remarkably cheap prices.

Brands like Continental, Bridgestone, and Pirello are known to produce luxury tires that feature pretty much the same configuration as Lexani tires, but the Lexani’s are much, much cheaper. 

However, there’s always a catch with all deals that seem too good to be true, and the catch with Lexani tires is that their performance is mediocre. They’re all flash with no dash. Nevertheless, budget-minded buyers will find a reasonable amount of value in these tires. 


Don’t take our bashing of Lexani’s performance the wrong way, the tires still flaunt very good build quality considering the price. The performance issues are based mainly on their traction in wet conditions. Aside from that, the brand is always striving to better their tires by implementing new technologies.

Extended Flange Technology (EFT) is one of Lexani’s admirable technologies. It allows smaller tires to have a large diameter wheel face, which ensures comfortable riding and enables you to enjoy the aesthetics of a large wheel without having one.  


Tires manufactured by Lexani are listed at prices as low as $67 (Lexani LX-Seven). We’ve also noticed that the larger you go, the more cost-effective the prices are, which is really uncommon, in a good way. Just like with many other tire brands, you can find discounts, rebates, coupons, and other special offers on Lexani tires, so be on the lookout.

lexani tire reviews


Lexani features a pretty extensive portfolio of tires, with the main focus being performance tires in small sidewalls and large sizes. Like we previously mentioned, the larger you go with Lexani the more prominent the price difference becomes. 

The brand offers performance tires for SUVs, passenger vehicles, crossovers, and trucks. It also offers passenger touring tires and off-road tires. Keep in mind, however, that their off-road tires are more like all-terrain tires, so we wouldn’t really advise them for serious off-roaders. 

Fuel Efficiency

There’s not a whole lot of emphasis on fuel efficiency with Lexani tires. We’re not saying they’re not fuel-efficient; we’re simply saying that there’s nothing worth noting about their efficiency. They’re not fuelaholics, but they’re not light consumers either. 


Granted, Lexani tires do come with treadwear warranties, but their tread life isn’t impressive at all compared to other manufacturers. It’s also worth noting that debris build-up has a notable effect on tire wear in Lexani’s case. They do feature deep voids to combat this, but still, we’re not that confident considering their tread life warranties, which cover 40,000 miles on average. 

lexani tires reviews


Handling is where the divide is with Lexani tires. On one hand, they flaunt remarkable handling and braking on dry tarmac, not to mention sharp and responsive steering, but on the other hand, we wouldn’t rely on their traction on rainy days. They’re simply not safe on wet roads, especially when you’re cornering. If you live in an area where it’s constantly pouring, Lexani tires aren’t for you.

Best Lexani Tires?

Lexani LX-Thirty

who makes lexani tires

The LX-Thirty is probably Lexani’s most popular tire, especially the all-season variant because it provides superb comfort and handling as well as minimal road noise. It’s perfect for crossovers and SUVs. 

Lexani LXHT-206

where are lexani tires made

The LXHT-206 is perfect for light trucks and SUVs. It’s very stable on highways and flaunts good cornering capabilities. It also has a deep tread pattern that helps combat hydroplaning. 

Lexani LX-SIX II

lexani tires any good

Looking for the best ultra-high-performance tire from Lexani? The LX-SIX II is exactly what you’re looking for. It flaunts a modern tread pattern that delivers sharp responses and that’s ideal for everyday driving. 

Lexani Slayer A/T

are lexani tires good

This is an all-terrain tire that’s ideal for off-roading. It’s large and features a deep tread pattern that delivers excellent grip. It also performs very well on highways. 

Lexani LX-Twenty 

are lexani tires any good

Boasting a sturdy twin steel design, the LX-Twenty is one of Lexani’s most durable performance tires. It’s perfect for cornering and rapid acceleration, and its modern design is very attractive. 

Lexani LXTR-203

lexani tire review

Looking to enjoy an ultra-quiet and comfortable ride? The LXT-203 is the perfect tire for you. It offers great handling dry surfaces and it’s available at a highly affordable price tag. 

Lexani Tire Customer Review

Benjamin F. says: “I was skeptical at first because of how inexpensive these tires are, but after giving them a shot, they’re actually not bad at all. They look great and they get the job done.”

Benjamin F. posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review

Maria R. says: “These are some of the most attractive tires I’ve ever seen. I’m aware of the fact that they’re not the best performers, but I couldn’t help but buy them, and I’m glad I did.”

Maria R. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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