Kenda Tires Review

Kenda is a Taiwanese manufacturer that was originally started as a bicycle tire producer in 1962. For decades they constructed quality bicycle tires until 2001, when they added passengers tires to their business model. The further addition of truck and SUV tires expanded their now diverse line which includes bicycles, ATVs, trailers, industrial equipment.


kenda tires reviews

Vezda UHP A/S

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Kenda Kenetica KR17

Kenetica KR17

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Kenda Klever MT KR29

Klever MT KR29

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Kenda Tire Overall Assessment

Kenda is the 27th largest tire manufacturer in the world. They are a multinational organization and have factories in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. Kenda’s goal is to provide tires that are reliable and affordable. A no frills tire that is safe and gets the job done with minimal fuss.

kenda tires review

Kenda is a company that has put a lot of testing into their tires development to ensure a product that is of a high standard of quality.  They have looked at benchmarks over the various tires classes and aim to produce a tire that outperform these benchmarks while remaining highly affordable.

One can look across all the categories and it will be exceedingly difficult to identify a strength, or weakness of this tire manufacturer. In fact, this is Kenda’s strength. Their ability to provide good all-round quality at budget prices is what makes Kenda a brand that is continuing to grow as people are more open to trying brands previously unheard of thanks to the information age.

When you are next needing a tire replacement, consider Kenda if you are looking for a tire that is dependable and well priced.


Reliability is a cornerstone of Kenda. Whether it’s the bicycle tires, or truck tires – being able to perform day in and day out without the driver or its passengers having to worry is one of the core aims of the company. Through their extensive development Kenda are able to put together products that keep performing as intended throughout their life cycle. Don’t be fooled by their friendly price, Kenda is a manufacturer that prides itself in affordable quality. 

Yes, Kenda tires are super quality indeed. But very rarely there comes a time when even these tires need to be repaired. If the case is tire mounting, feel free to check out our guide – How To Mount A Tire.                  


One of the main weapons Kenda has at its disposal is the price of their tires. Their business strategy is to provide quality that is more attractive, and one of the ways a tire can guarantee being more attractive is through price. With their affordable, undercutting strategy Kenda are able to provide similar features and quality to the premium priced and well-known brands.

For example, The Kenda Vezda UHP contains many similar features as the Pirelli P Zero All Season, but retails for about $30-$40 less.


Since the outset of their tire production Kenda has quickly adapted and expanded into different tire categories. As mentioned Kenda originally started with the bicycle tire game. They have since expanded into tires from all walks of life including truck tires, SUVs, passenger cars, performance tires down to wheelchairs. It is this flexibility that has supported the companies drive for growth to become a more well known brand globally.

Fuel Efficiency

Kenda is a manufacturer that is consistently trying to make their tires more fuel efficient. On the whole, Kenda can be considered a brand that achieves good fuel efficiency across their range, however, they do specialize in tires that are made for maximum fuel efficiency.

The Kenda Vezda Eco is the Manufacturers eco-friendly offering and is designed to perform as a touring tire. The advanced silica infused tread and tire design allows for similar performance while reducing overall fuel efficiency and cost.

kenda tire review


Despite their price Kenda tires show good durability. There have been reports that Kenda’s replacement MT tire has outperformed the tires initially installed on the vehicle on numerous occasions. Their tires are construed with compounds that are puncture resistant and able to handle what the journey has to throw at them.

Kenda tires are crafted to withstand harsh conditions whilst still being able to complete their tasks efficiently and safely.

Though after hundreds of thousands miles, there comes a time to change them. In this case our guide How To Change A Tire Step By Step might be too helpful for you.


Throughout their ranges, Kenda produces tires with a combination of specialised compounds and designs that perform well throughout the handling spectrum.

Kenda tires have been made to improve vehicle stability while offering a smooth ride. Their tires have good traction in wet and dry conditions and while not top performers, contain features that are similar to class leading tires which assist with good handling characteristics.

Best Kenda Tires

Kenda Vezda UHP A/S

kenda tires reviews

This tire was launched in early 2017 and is a high performance tire designed for all types of sports cars, coupes and high-powered sedans. This tire is packed with technology and features very good traction in the dry and wet, above average cornering grip while remaining very affordable.

Kenda Kenetica KR17

Kenda Kenetica KR17

The Kenetica KR17 is an all-season tire designed for a wide range of car, minivan, crossover and SUVs. The tire is designed with reliability and safety in mind. The tire features a comfortable ride while making sure there is good traction enjoyed despite the season.

Kenda Klever MT KR29

Kenda Klever MT KR29

This is one of Kenda’s heavy duty offerings and is designed for pickups, jeep’s and SUV’s. The tire features competitive pricing and excellent off road traction whilst not being out of place on the highway. Click here to read our Kenda Klever MT KR29 Reviews or check out other Klever review like the Review of Klever A/T.

Kenda Tire Customer Review

Henry says: “The Kenda Klever M/T KR29 are damn good tires for their price. They are not loud on the interstate and have help up well after 20,000 miles. They were well worth the price and were they cheapest tire I could find in this size, I will definitely get them again.”

Henry posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Sammy says: “I have had Vezda’s on my 2012 BMW 3 series for 5,000 miles. For the first few hundred miles these tires weren’t great but once they had worn into themselves, they have been really good. I have enjoyed good traction despite the weather and when faced with a couple tricky situations that have required heavy breaking the tires has performed fantastically. Great so far and at such a good price!”

Sammy posted 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) review

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