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Hercules is an American tire manufacturing company established in 1952. Since then, it has been producing tires of high quality for both the domestic and international markets. They are world renowned for applying innovative technology while creating affordable tires that allow for comfortable and exciting driving capabilities.


Hercules Roadtour 855 Tires

Roadtour 855 Tires

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Hercules Ironman Tres

Ironman Tires

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Hercules Terra Trac AT2

Terra Trac AT2

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Hercules Tires (Brand Overview)

Hercules Tires Overall Assessment

Hercules is the same company that makes Ironman Tires but are considered an associate of the brand. Today, Hercules is a major player in the tire replacement market, making tires available to a large number of vehicles. They embrace the sustainability agenda and promote planet friendly programmes throughout the world. Having said this, the same superior quality applies to both the brands. Hercules is known for creating affordable tires with proficient technological advancements that enable a great feel for driving.

hercules tires reviews

All Hercules Tires have integrated design features that makes them easily mountable onto vehicles. Unique grooves, patterns, siping, biting edges and asymmetrical treading are all features that increase maneuverability and traction in the course of driving. Overall, safety, comfort and driving pleasure all depend on the quality of the tires being produced and Hercules offer everything desired in a tire and more.


Even though the price of Hercules tire models are low, the quality is unmatched. Tire quality is vitally important in producing sustainable results and an ultimately comfortable ride. Good adhesion on the roads is desirable for all drivers and hercules does not disappoint on this front. Hercules Tires are meticulously designed to ensure firm grip and stability on any road surface and make for excellent braking and steering performance in all tire models.


Hercules not only sport a beautiful design but are also priced attractively. It is substantially cheaper when compared to the similar treads on the competitor market. Throughout its long existence, Hercules have consistently produced affordable tires and encapsulated this dynamic in their brand mission. Their mission is to ensure quality tires priced in line with the range of products that they offer. Hercules certainly delivers on this. 

hercules tire review


Hercules is a company concerned with covering the entire market offering. They have designed tires for vehicles such as light trucks, SUVs, crossovers and sedans. Due to the steady rise in demand for all season tires, Hercules has also developed actual all year, all season tires and of great quality too. With Hercules, there is a tire to perfectly fit every vehicle, no matter the make or brand of your vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

Hercules incorporates silica infused gel compounds in the tread material which ultimately lowers the rolling resistance and further decreases the friction between the tires and roads. These features combine to aid in the reduction of fuel consumption and offer a fuel efficient design element in all the tire models.


The combination of technology and design allow for an extremely durable tire. Hercules implement semi solid center ribbing in their tires through slow and steady dedication in order to distribute comfortability and stability evenly. The standard touring tires integrate an 85000 mile tread warranty. After this mileage you may need to change the tires. Along with this, the brand provides extensive guarantees, which cover unserviceability and premature tread wear. 

Now you know how super durable Hercules tires are. But even they might need some fixing from time to time. Thus, consider checking our guide – How To Fix A Flat Tire.


Hercules features highly advanced design elements to pave the way for increased handling performance and traction on all road surfaces. Each tire model is designed with asymmetrical tread patterns, siping, grooves and biting edges which work together to increase handling performance during sharp maneuvers initiated by the driver. 

Best Hercules Tires?

Hercules Power STR 235/85R16 128L

hercules tires review

The Hercules Power STR is everything you need in a tire and more. It comprises a steel belted radial tire that features two polyester and two nylon pliers ideal for long haul driving. These offer a smooth ride throughout the journey and can withstand high pressure.

Hercules Roadtour 855 Tires

Hercules Roadtour 855 Tires

This is an extremely versatile tire that is perfect for drivers in search of a model that will take them through the year without any hassles. The highly durable construction ensures that the tire maintains its original shape through any speeds it endures. 

Hercules Ironman Tires

Hercules Ironman Tres

This is an excellent tire that wears consistently well and is certainly the best option for sport utility vehicles. The Ironman Imove has a tire solution that is specific to your vehicle. The exterior is carefully treaded using advanced technology and provides superior handling performance.

Hercules Terra Trac AT2

Hercules Terra Trac AT2

The Hercules Terra Trac AT2 has managed to perform brilliantly on and off road, while keeping the price budget friendly for drivers. Built for drivers of 4X4s, SUVs, light trucks and jeep vehicles, these tires provide an array of features that are designed to deliver year round performance on various road surfaces.

Hercules Tires Customer Reviews

Jason says: “I use these on an enclosed race car trailer. I have about 4k miles on them so far and they still look like I just mounted them. They have the heaviest sidewall I have even seen in a 15″ trailer tire. I would highly recommend these tires.”

Jason posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Jeanette says: “I would continue to buy this brand. I know they’re dependable and I love how they handle the road. I drove up to the mountain’s and they didn’t slide as most tires I’ve used throughout the years going the same route. Thank you.”

Jeanette posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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