Fuzion Tires Review

The Fuzion is an all-season performance tire engineered for drivers of sedans, crossovers, minivans, and coupes. For drivers seeking a quality performance tire at a lower price, the Fuzion Touring is available with your choice of T, H or V speed ratings.

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Fuzion Ultra High Performance All Season

Ultra High Performance

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Fuzion Standard Tuoring All Season

Standard Touring

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fuzion Grand Touring All Season

Grand Touring

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Fuzion Tires Brand Overview

Fuzion Tires Overall Assessment

Designed as a house brand by Bridgestone, Fuzion is a grand touring tire made to get drivers from point A to point B in a complete lack of style. The silica infused all season tread compound makes for increased wet traction and is molded into symmetric tread patterns which allow for year round durability in all conditions.

fuzion tires review

The risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions is reduced due to four circumferential grooves which channel water away from the tire. The lateral grooves enhance surface traction especially on wet roads and gives the tire excellent grip performance when needed the most. Solid overall performance at a low price gives these tires a unique status and are highly regarded nationwide. 


The mere fact that these tires perform so well and are priced significantly lower than competitors, brings about a unique dynamic to the quality of the brand. Fuzion provides a 55000 mile or 5 year tread warranty on T-speed rated tires and 5 year, 40000 mile warranty on V and H speed rated models. The quality is good for the price you pay.


Fuzion prices range from approximately $49 upwards which is exceptional considering the quality and stature of the tires. Drivers may also tumble across discounts and coupons which could lower the price further. 


The Fuzion Tires offers a range of variability. They are available in T,H or V speed rated options and are suited to medium sized vehicles. These tires fit a wide selection of vehicles, namely:

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Audi A4
  3. Nissan Altima
  4. Suzuki Reno
  5. Ford Focus
fuzion tires

Fuel Efficiency

Depending on the kind of driving you will be doing, fuel efficiency is deemed as good with reference to the Fuzion tires. They are meticulously designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and may have some influence on the fuel efficiency of one’s vehicle. Overall, for the price and the performance, these tires should not affect fuel efficiency negatively.


As an all season tire, the Fuzions are highly durable and are engineered towards longevity. Made to last through all weather conditions, these tires won’t disappoint and allow for prolonged drives without hesitation.

As mentioned, Fuzion produces super durable tires. But even these super durable products need to be fixed from time to time, and when the case is tire mounting, consider checking our tutorial – How To Mount A Tire On A Rim.  


Performance on both wet and dry roads is solid with the Fuzion Touring Tires and manage to handle exceptionally well in all kinds of  weather conditions. Having said this, in snowy conditions they don’t fare too well. Overall, the tire is responsive and provides excellent feedback. Braking and accelerating is brilliant and cornering very stable as a result.

Best Fuzion tires?

Fuzion Ultra High Performance All Season

Fuzion Ultra High Performance All Season

This model is geared towards drivers seeking extra performance on the roads. Handling, durability amongst others come into play with the Ultra High Performance Fuzion Tires.

Fuzion Standard Touring All Season

Fuzion Standard Tuoring All Season

Standard Touring All Season Tires are for day to day commuting of medium sized vehicles. These are the bread and butter for the majority of drivers and are the most popular.

Fuzion Grand Touring All Season

fuzion Grand Touring All Season

Very similar to the Standard All Season Tires, the Grand Touring just offers a different dynamic for drivers. They are also available in bigger sizes which appeal to drivers doing a variety of driving on the roads.

Fuzion A/T – On / Off-Road

fuzion tire reviews

This model appeals directly to those driving in rugged terrain where extra grip and durability is enhanced through deeper grooves and well designed tire patterns. These tires can be used on normal roads but the ride won’t be as smooth as other models.

Fuzion Touring Tires Customer Reviews

Dave says: “My brother suggested these tires and reported he loves them. I will say that these tires made my car ride so well, it is like it is new. I try not to rip around corners but the cornering on these H-rated tires is nearly as good as the V-rated tires I removed. Very happy so far and they also look decent.”

Dave posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Daniel says: “I wasn’t looking for high performance, so this tire exceeds my needs. During our 15+ inch snow, the tire did well with minor slips and still rides nicely on the highway in summer.”

Daniel posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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