How Long Does It Take to Install New Tires?

How Long Does It Take to Install New Tires

A fresh new set of car tires can dramatically boost your car’s performance on the road. Not to mention, it’ll make your automobile safer by improving braking and handling. 

If you’re on a tight schedule and unsure when you can get your old tires replaced, worry not because the process usually doesn’t take as much time as you might think. You can even get them replaced on your way to work, but you’ll need to wake up a little earlier than you normally do. Changing a tire is a simple task and does not require much knowledge.

If you want to know how long it takes to install new tires, continue reading!

How Much Time Does It Take to Put on 4 New Tires?

Typically, it’d take around 90-120 minutes to install 2 pairs of tires on your car or travel trail. Here’s how the process of installing new tires usually goes:

1. Removing the Wheels

When you take your car to the service area, the first thing that the professional will do is lift your car to loosen the bolts and unmount the wheels. This whole thing usually takes around 10-15 minutes to be done.

2. Removing the Old Tires

Once the technician removes the wheels from your vehicle, they’ll unmount the old tires from the wheels using a tire machine. The tires must be deflated before the removal process begins. 

Oh, and since you’ll be installing new tires, the stem will be pulled out to install a new one. This step could take up to 10 minutes.

3. Rims Inspection

how long does tire installation take

Once the old tires are gone for good, the technician will carefully inspect each rim to check for rough patches or rust. This step is critical because mounting new tires on worn-out rims will affect their performance and reduce their lifetime. 

If some rough patches were found, the technician would use abrasive pads to smoothen them out. Inspecting and grinding the rims shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

4. Lubrication

Before installing the new tires, the technician will add some lubricant to the beads of the tires and the rims to ensure proper mounting to the rims. This step will take 5 minutes at most. 

5. Installing the New Tires

how long does it take to install 4 new tires

Now that the old tires are removed, and the rims are abraded, the technician will begin installing your new tires to the rims. They’ll inflate the tires to their maximum pressure depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. They’ll also install a stem core. 

Once all 4 tires are mounted to the rims, the professional will reinstall the wheels in your car.

6. Balancing and Alignment

The next step is to balance the wheels. The technician will use a machine to fix any imbalanced wheels. 

Once you get your fresh new set of tires installed and balanced, you need to get a wheel alignment session to complete the installation process. If you’re in a rush, you can align your new tires on the next day, but it’s definitely not recommended.

But what do balancing and alignment mean anyway? Here’s a quick explanation:

how long does it take to install tires

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is the process of correcting the weight imbalance in your car’s wheels and tires to ensure a smooth ride. Imbalanced tires can make it harder for you to steer your car and control its directions properly. Not to mention, balancing your tires will result in less tread wear and less load on the car’s drivetrain. 

Wheel balancing usually takes around one hour to be completed.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is pretty important because it provides your car with a smooth ride, better gas mileage, accurate road contact, and a longer tire lifetime. This can be achieved by adjusting the angles of your car’s wheels.

Just like wheel balancing, alignment may take around one hour. However, keep in mind that wheel alignment is a separate process that can be done later after you install your new tires. 

7. All Set!

That’s it; you’ve successfully installed your new set of tires and are now ready to hit the road!

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Is It OK to Replace 2 Tires at a Time?

Generally speaking, it’s not recommended to replace 2 tires at a time for various reasons. First of all, it may cause handling instability. Another problem you may face is poor braking performance.

If you really need to replace 2 tires only, it’d be better (and safer) to switch the front tires with the rear ones and mount the new tires to the rear rims.

How Long Does Tire Installation Take? A Brief Recap

So how long does it take to install new tires? Probably less than 2 hours. As you can tell, replacing your old set of tires with a brand new one isn’t a complicated process, and it shouldn’t take more than an hour to be perfectly done. You don’t need to replace your tires that often, anyway.

The key here is to get them installed at a professional tire service center if you want to get the most out of them.

Oh, and remember, the time needed to change the tires varies depending on the vehicle type. Replacing the tires on a travel trailer or a truck will probably take longer than changing them on a sedan car.

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