How to Reset Flat Tire Warning BMW 530i

How to Reset Flat Tire Warning BMW 530i

The reset flat tire warning on your BMW 530i is there for a good reason. But even after you add air or change a flat tire, the warning might not go away. 

Naturally, you’ll want to know how to reset flat tire warning BMW 530i. It can be tricky to find the right instructions as online guides are specific to different models. And no one wants to dig out the manual that came with their vehicle. 

Luckily, our complete guide is here to save the day. Read on to learn how to reset flat tire warning BMW 530i. With these straightforward steps, you’ll get rid of the annoying message and ensure your TPMS conducts accurate readings. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

how to reset flat tire warning 530i bmw

Follow these steps to reset the warning message. 

1. Position Your Car on Flat Ground

To ensure the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) gets an accurate reading, position your car on flat ground. 

2. Make Sure Your Vehicle is Stationary

You can reset the warning as long as the vehicle is stationary. The vehicle can be on or off, but make sure iDrive is on. iDrive will be on when the key is in the second position. 

3. Go to the iDrive Home Page

Click on the “Menu” button underneath the gearshift to go to the iDrive home page. 

4. Go to the Vehicle Menu

Navigate to the vehicle menu by pressing down on the knob above the “Menu” button. 

5. Go to “Vehicle settings”

Use the knob to scroll to the “Vehicle settings” menu. Press down on the knob. 

6. Go to “FTM”

how to reset flat tire warning bmw

When you enter the “Vehicle settings” menu, you’ll notice a bar at the top. Navigate to this bar by pushing up on the knob. 

When you highlight the bar, you can use the knob to scroll through several options, such as “Steering wheel buttons” and “Lighting.” However, you’ll want to find your way to the “FTM” option and press down on the knob. 

Note: FTM stands for Flat Tire Monitor. 

7. Click “Set tire pressure”

Once you’re in the “FTM” menu, the “Set tire pressure” option should already be highlighted. Press down on the knob, scroll up to “Yes,” and press again. 

8. Start Driving

After you reset the FTM, the warning should disappear. However, on the “FTM” page, you’ll notice that the status says “Initializing…”

It will take around 5 minutes of driving or so to complete the initialization. Once the initialization is done, your TPMS should be functioning normally. 

Where Does the Warning Appear? 

If you’re worried about missing a flat tire warning, don’t be. Your BMW 530i ensures you see it by displaying it on the driver’s dashboard. The message is also constantly present at the bottom of the central dashboard, even as you scroll through the menu options. 

What Triggers the Warning Message? 

how to reset tire pressure sensor bmw 328i

Your TPMS will display the message whenever it senses that one or more of your tires has less than the recommended amount of pressure. 

In many cases, the warning will be the result of a puncture. Running over a nail or other sharp object will cause a loss of pressure. 

The message may also appear when there is a drastic temperature change. For instance, in cold weather, tire pressure can decrease by as much as 1 psi for every 10°F drop in temperature. 

If you wake up to a warning on a cold morning, consider driving for a few miles to warm your tires. The message may go away on its own, meaning you don’t have to worry about adding air. But if the message persists, you will need to add air. 

When to Reset the Warning Message

When you add the proper amount of air to your tires, the warning light should go away on its own. If the message is still there, check the pressure using a gauge tool. 

All 4 tires should have a psi that corresponds to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can find the recommended psi on the inside of the driver’s side door. 

If the warning light persists even when pressure is at the proper psi, you will need to reset the TPMS by following the instructions we provided above. Resetting it will ensure it reads properly and lets you know when your tires need to be topped off again. 

Final Thoughts 

The flat tire warning is an important feature that keeps you safe. Make sure you only reset it when your tires are at the recommended psi. When they are, be sure to follow this step-by-step guide on how to reset flat tire warning BMW 530i. 

Here is our guide about resetting flat tire warning BMW 530i but if you are in a lack of time or unsure about your skills we can recommend to look through our article – How Much Does It Cost To Change Tires.

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