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With so many tire manufacturers out there, quality products can get overshadowed by knock-off alternatives. To help you pinpoint the right set of tires for your needs, we’ve crafted this post to cover the best tire brands on the market today, so you should certainly stick around. 

best tire brands

8 Best Tire Brands in 2020


We can all agree that there’s no beating Michelin as the best tires brand on the market. Michelin tires excel in virtually all tire categories, from standard all-season tires to high-performance tires. 

The vast majority of both expert and user reviews indicate that Michelin tires are received pretty positively, which speaks volumes of the manufacturer’s build quality. 

Michelin was established way back in 1889 by brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin in France, making it one of the oldest manufacturers of tires in the world. Michelin was and is still based in Clermont-Ferrand. 

Michelin revolutionized the manufacturing of tires by developing radial tires in 1946 after they had already achieved great success with pneumatic tires. It’s worth noting that Michelin is one of the 5 brands of tire that have a manufacturing operation in the U.S, not to mention having numerous plants around the world. 

best tire brand

Michelin manufactures tires for just about anything that moves on wheels. The brand features 5 very different major brands of tires, namely Primacy, Pilot, Energy, Latitude, and X. Those major brands represent around 38 different models of tires.

Other less notable brands that fall under the Michelin umbrella include CrossClimate, Defender LTX, Perimeter, Alpin, Diamaris, and Agilis, with each one offering 1 or 2 different models. 

Michelin designs tires for all commercial and even non-commercial vehicles, including minivans, passenger cars, light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. Moreover, their tires are designed to handle a wide range of road and weather conditions. 

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Goodyear is one of the top-tier manufacturers of tires in the world alongside giants like Michelin, Bridgestone, and Continental. The company was founded back in 1898 in Akron, Ohio, by Frank Seiberling. It’s currently the largest manufacturer of tires in the U.S, which translates to having a high rate of customer satisfaction. 

Are you wondering about who the company is named after? Well, it’s named after a self-taught by the name of Charles Goodyear. Why? Because he invented vulcanized rubber back in 1844. The basic principle of creating vulcanized rubber is still in use by huge tire manufacturers to this day. 

It’s worth pointing out that Goodyear was the biggest tire manufacturer in the entire world, but that was before Michelin invented the radial tire in 1946. Nonetheless, it’s still a dominant force in the tire industry.

top tire brands

Alright, enough with the history lesson, and let’s talk tires. Goodyear flaunts 4 major ranges of tires, namely the Wrangler, Assurance, Eagle, and Ultragrip. The first range, Wrangler, is one that tackles all-terrain tires, and it’s one of the best ones out there.

The second range, Assurance, is all about exceptional all-season tires that are able to perform pretty adequately on both dry and wet terrain. The third and fourth lineups, Eagle and Ultragrip, are designed to tackle summer and winter conditions respectively. 

Of course, a huge manufacturer like Goodyear would have more than 4 ranges, but we’re just talking about the most prominent ones. It’s also worth noting that Goodyear offers hybrids and one-off tires with accentuated features like superior winter traction and run-flats. 

Why invest in Goodyear tires? Because the company vaunts a long and rich history of success in the tires industry. Virtually all of their products are built to the highest standard and deliver on their promises. Both customers and experts are almost always pleased with any new Goodyear tire. 

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Next, we have the ever-expanding Bridgestone. How is Bridgestone ever-expanding, you may ask? It’s the largest tire manufacturer in the entire world, with over 180 production plants in 24 countries. 

Bridgestone was established in Fukuoka, Japan, back in 1931. It’s currently one of the only 5 tire brands that manufacture in the U.S. It’s worth pointing out that the brand owns Firestone, another famous tire manufacturer established in 1900 in Ohio. Both companies were combined in 1988 to become one large tire manufacturer.

Like all of the brands on our list, Bridgestone manufactures tires for a wide range of commercial vehicles as well as non-commercial ones. The company has 6 major lineups, namely Potenza, Turanza, Driveguard, Ecopia, Dueler, and Blizzak. 

Potenza is a range of performance tires that offer exceptional handling and traction. Turanza is a series of tires made to ensure a quiet and comfortable driving experience. Driveguard, as the name implies, provides an ultra-safe driving experience. Not to say that other ranges are not safe; it’s just that this range is made for peace of mind. 

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Moving on, we have Ecopia, which is a range of eco-friendly tires that are designed to deliver optimal fuel efficiency. These tires help reduce fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions. 

The Dueler lineup is designed for off-road driving. It can handle the weariest and most rugged terrain. Lastly, the Blizzak range of tires is your best bet if you’re looking for ideal winter traction. 

Please keep in mind that all of Bridgestone’s tire ranges are competitively priced compared to other tires within the same class from other manufacturers. Also, the tires are widely available, so you don’t have to worry about not finding a Bridgestone tire that doesn’t meet your needs. 

Now, unlike Michelin and Goodyear, Bridgestone tires don’t always receive great reviews. Most of their tires have very mixed reception from both consumers and experts. This doesn’t mean that they’re subpar. It’s just that consumer expectations sometimes differ from what the brand delivers. 

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Continental is the Joker or Lex Luthor to Michelin’s Batman or Superman. Now, we wouldn’t say they’re arch-enemies, but they’re in pretty heated competition. Yes, companies like Bridgestone and Goodyear are tough competition, but it’s Continental that keeps Michelin alert. 

Why is Continental such a dominant force in the tires industry? Because it keeps on swallowing tire brands worldwide, having them join the legion. Over the past few years, the company has acquired Barum, Viking, Gislaved, Matador, Mabor, Sportiva, and Semperit, in addition to the popular General and Uniroyal brands. Total domination, you see.

It’s also worth noting that 1 in every 3 new cars from prominent car manufacturers are equipped with a set of Continental tires. Simultaneously, as stated by Michelin, 1 in every 5 new cars from manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are fitted with Michelin tires; the competition is definitely ferocious. 

Now that you have an idea of how notable the Continental brand is, let’s go back a little bit. The brand was established in 1871 in Lower Saxony, Germany, making it the oldest tire company in the entire world, beating Pirelli by just one year. 

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Like a lot of tire manufacturers, Continental started as merely a rubber company. In 1904, the brand invented grooved tires. A year later, it invented detachable wheel tires—a glorious chapter in the company’s history. 

Sadly, however, Continental’s past is tainted by a chapter in the totalitarian years (1933-1945) where they utilized slave labor. That deplorable chapter in the company’s history was addressed and is currently being investigated with the aid of a historical study. The study will be released in 2021. It’s worth noting that most German manufacturers share the same shameful episode, with many of them having addressed and regretted it. 

History aside, Continental creates a full range of tires for virtually everything on wheels. Their tires are categorized as Passenger, Performance, Winter, and SUV/Light Truck tires. 

Both consumers and industry experts are fond of Continental tires, thanks to the high level of quality on which the brand is committed to achieving. The brand’s U.S subsidiary, General, is also amongst the most well-respected tire brands in the world. 

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Pirelli might not be one of the Big Four, but it’s definitely amongst the best tire manufacturers in the world. It’s actually acknowledged as the best when it comes to high-end tires. Their tires are a perfect fit for sports cars. They’re not the most budget-friendly brand of tires out there, though.

The Italian manufacturer was founded in 1872 in Milan, which makes it the second oldest tire manufacturer, right behind Continental. Similar to Continental and other tire brands, Pirelli had its start as a manufacturer of rubber products like rebreathers and scuba diving gear. Their start in the tires business was in 1901. 

The brand designs a wide range of high-performance tires for performance cars and SUVs. It’s not the brand of tire you go to if you’re looking for a standard set of run-around tires. It’s mainly for those looking to maximize the performance of powerful sports cars and SUVs.

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Pirelli has a lot of big hitters in almost every category. In the high-performance summer driving category, the Pirelli P-Zero is a force to be reckoned with. For winter driving, it doesn’t get better than the Winter Sottozero 3. And for performance SUVs, the Scorpion Verde ranks very highly. 

For the most part, Pirelli tires are comparatively expensive, but you’ll find one or two tires here and there that are priced competitively, with the Winter Sottozero 3 being a great example. 

Whether we speak of expert or consumer reviews, Pirelli is held in very high regard. It’s not the most notable nowadays, even in the performance category, but that doesn’t take anything away from it being an astounding brand of tires. Read our Pirelli tires for more information. 


When it comes to value for the money, there’s no beating Cooper tires. The brand was founded in 1914, making it fairly new compared to giants like Continental, Pirelli, and Michelin. However, the brand has a lot of experience under its belts, allowing it to offer some of the cheapest tires on the market without compromising on quality or performance. 

Take the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tire as an example. This is a tire that starts at around $85 yet offers one of the quietest and most comfortable performances in the entire touring category. It’s also available in a wide range of sizes and can accommodate various vehicles. 

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While a lot of tire manufacturers tend to be acquired by larger entities, Cooper is independent through and through. This is both a positive and a negative. It’s a positive because the brand is able to navigate their affairs internally, but it’s a negative because their tires aren’t as commonly found as the likes of Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Continental. 

One of the strongest selling points of Cooper tires, aside from their inexpensive pricing, is their incredible warranty policies. The vast majority of Cooper tires are backed by tread warranties of around 80,000 miles. The warranty differs from one model to another, of course. 

The only problem you might face when trying to buy Cooper tires is availability. You’ll probably have to purchase them online, which is a drawback in its own right because it’s not so easy to buy their tires online. We hope that one day Cooper tires become more readily available. 

There’s a lot to learn about Cooper tires, especially if you’re a budget-minded driver, which is why we highly recommend you read our full Cooper review.

BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich is one of the oldest tire manufacturers in the world. The company was acquired by Michelin in 1988. However, BFG tires are priced more competitively than Michelin tires. BFG tires might not be as high performing as Michelin tires, and they’re definitely not as comprehensive in terms of variety, but they’re still high-quality, cost-effective tires. 

If you compare the pricing of standard sedan tires from both BFG and Michelin, you’ll notice a pretty significant gap of around $30 between the two. When it comes to warranties, however, Michelin covers 54 different tire lineups, whereas BFG only covers 9. 

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BF Goodrich tires are perfect for treading weary and uneven terrain. They can handle a broad range of weather and terrain conditions without any problems. Sadly, though, their performance options are very limited. Most of their tire sizes feature a maximum of 2 performance options, which is comparatively mediocre, especially when compared to the parent brand, Michelin. 

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You can’t have a list of the best tire brands in the world without mentioning Yokohama. This is a brand of tires that was founded in 1917. The Yokohama Tire Corporation, however, which is the parent company behind the brand, was established in the U.S in 1969. 

The company has 2 plants in the U.S, one being in Salem, Virginia, and the other in West Point, Mississippi. Keep in mind, however, that the company’s main HQ is in Tokyo, Japan. 

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Yokohama flaunts 6 different tire brands under its large umbrella, namely Avid, Advan, Parada, Iceguard, BluEarth, and Geolandar. The company designs tires for all sorts of commercial and noncommercial vehicles, from passenger and performance cars to minivans, crossovers, and trucks. They offer all-season, summer, winter, and road tires. 

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Best Tires (FAQ)

What Are the Worst Brands of Tires?

There are numerous knock-off tire brands that create replicas of branded tires. Terrible replicas, mind you. Some of these brands include AKS, Chaoyang, Goodride, Compass, Westlake, and Geostar. These brands should be completely avoided.

Are Michelin Tires Better Than Goodyear Tires?

While Michelin’s popularity is slightly higher than that of Goodyear, this doesn’t mean that their tires are better, necessarily. Both manufacturers offer equally efficient tires. It all boils down to your needs and budget.

What Are the Best Budget Tire Brands?

Some of the most prominent brands of budget-friendly tires include Firestone, Fuzion, Falken, Sumitomo, Mastercraft, and Starfire.

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