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Your tires play a huge part in how your vehicle performs. Whether you drive a hatchback or oversized SUV, tires can influence your vehicles handling, traction and even fuel efficiency. There are many things to consider when buying a tire and one can mistakenly think that price = quality.

We have put together a comprehensive list of Budget tires that will get you where you want to go safely, with breaking the bank.


best budget tires

Kumho Solus TA71

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best value tires

ApCooper CS3 Touringple

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what are the best inexpensive tires

Hankook Kinergy PT

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Best Cheap Tires Review

best cheap tires

Kumho Solus TA71

Kumho is a brand that has really upped their game over the past few years. The Kumho Solus TA71 is a true example of how far they have come. Whether the road is dry or wet, this tire maintains good traction.

The tire features advanced Nano Silica compounds. This helps the tire deliver a smooth and comfortable ride whilst performing in the corners providing good stability. Due to the design, external ride noise from the tires is kept to a minimum.

best budget tires

The tire carries a 65,000 mile warranty which is exceptional given its retail price. This quality tire is a best fit for sportier coupe’s and overall, is a superb choice that ticks all the boxes you would want a tire to.

Key features:

  • Nano Silica design
  • Asymmetric tread design
  • ESCOT casing technology to optimize sidewall cord tension distribution


  • Great traction, even in light snow
  • Resistant to hydroplaning
  • Firm grip across dry, wet and icy surfaces.


  • Tread wear could be better in reality

Cooper CS3 Touring

best value tires

Plainly put, The Cooper CS3 Touring is a superb all round touring tire. With its high-turnup singly ply polyester casing and nylon reinforcement, This tire is possibly the quietest riding tire on the list. The design adequately takes care of imperfections in the road and the ride is both smooth and comfortable. The design also assists with reducing uneven wear and easy rotation which further adds to the smooth drive.

Traction and handling is not a problem for the Cooper and despite the season, they will make sure your vehicle stays on the road. The tread life of the Cooper CS3 Touring has been proven to be particularly good and overall, this proudly American product is a fantastic choice for your value seeking motorist.

Key Features:

  • Cooper’s Stabiledge Performance for reduced flex
  • 3D sipes on the footprint
  • Reinforced construction


  • Durable at high speeds
  • Hydroplaning resistance
  • Great value for money
  • Enhanced tire rotation on uneven, rugged surfaces


  • Poor traction on wet surfaces

Hankook Kinergy PT

best inexpensive tires

Hankook Kinergy PT is the newest model on the list and was rereleased in late 2017. This tire offers all-season performance for all types of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers.

This tire is designed to replace the previous H727 model which has been Hankook’s best-selling tire for a number of years. Initial reports seem to suggest the engineers have done a fine job in achieving this task.

The tire offers good traction in rain or shine which is what you can expect from a good all season tourer. The ride is comfortable and has an air of quality about it. Stiffer sidewalls are included in the construction which gives the car good feel while cornering

The tire comes with an excellent 90,000 mile warranty and when you consider its price, the Hankook Kinergy PT makes itself a tough tire to ignore.

Key Features:

  • Abrasion-resistant, carbon black compound
  • Computer-designed profile for even weight distribution
  • Folded belt edge strips to resist belt edge separation


  • Very good dry and wet traction
  • Steering response and cornering stability
  • Comfortable ride
  • 90K mile tread warranty


  • Warranty untested

General Altimax RT43

best tires for the money

This is one of Generals latest additions to their line-up and was released in 2013 with the aim of replacing their existing Altimax RT. This is a tire designed for drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers who are looking for a dependable and affordable product.

This tire has great handling for its price and motorists can expect steering that is crisp and responsive and provides the driver with great feel. The Altimax RT43 has a unique twin tread compound which not only increases traction on wet, dry or snow-covered road surfaces, but it also adds more driving comfort by cushioning the ride. Regardless of speed the tire provides you with a stable platform and enjoyable experience.

The tread life on the Altimax RT43 is superior to many competitors in its class and is tire made to go the distance. General back this up with a 75,000 mile warranty

Overall, the Altimax RT43 is one of the better all season tires available today and a worthy inclusion in this list.

Key Features:

  • Twin cushion silica tread compound
  • Anti-Slip sipe design
  • Low surface abrasion technology


  • Terrific tread life
  • Good, stable handling
  • Smooth, comfortable ride


  • Can be heard at times
  • Wet braking could be better

Laufenn G Fit AS

best tires under 100

Laufenn operates as a subsidiary of Hankook tires and released their G Fit AS in early 2015. The tire is a basic and dependable all season offering which is compatible with a number of coupes, sedans, minivans and smaller crossovers. Laufenn is an entry level tire designed to do the basics well at a budget price. In general, the tire has decent performance all round. You are never going to measure up to some of the tire worlds premium brands and their performance levels but this is to be expected.

The tire has good reliability and the ride comfort and noise is above average. The handling is decent and so is the braking, however, there is much to be desired if you are after anything that resembles performance. The Laufenn G FIT AS is a good all-season tire and fits the bill if you are looking for comfort and affordability.

Key features:

  • 45,000 miles/ 5 years tread life warranty
  • Water resistant
  • Optimized for coupes, sedans, minivans or smaller crossover vehicle



  • Struggles in winter conditions

GT Radial Champiro VP1

best cheap all season tires

The  GT Radial Champiro VP1 is an incredibly diverse tire designed for all types of coupes, sedans, minivans, and even smaller crossovers and SUVs. It has all season driving performance to go with an attractive price tag.

The tire has a number of positives and shares many features associated with more expensive tires.  The ride quality is what really stands out when it comes to the VP1 and is in line with premium brands such as Michelin and Continental. The tire enjoys good tread life and the performance is predictable on dry and wet road surfaces.

The major negative when it comes to GT Radial Champiro VP1 is when things start to become a bit frosty. The tire struggles when tasked with snow and ice, specifically, under acceleration and braking. If you have a spirited driving style you may be disappointed with the cornering ability.

This tire performs its duties with little fuss is a great way to save some extra cash.

Key features:

  • 40,000-mile tread life guarantee
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Noise cancellation technology


  • Good grip on dry and wet surfaces
  • Increased fuel efficiency


  • Traction in winter conditions

Falken Sincera SN250 A/S

best value all season tires

The Falken Sincera SN250 A/S was released in 2016 with the intention of replacing the older SN211 A/S. The latest model draws features from other tires in the Falken shed, specifically their best-selling Pro G4 A/S

One of the highlights of this tire is its traction on dry and wet road surfaces  due to Falken’s Dynamic Range Technology and 3D Canyon Sipes The car sticks to the road well and inspires confidence in the driver. This confidence is carried over to the breaking which is above average, and the ride has an air of quality about it.

The only real drawback are the softer side walls and you may be found wanting more in the corners. This shouldn’t pose much of a problem to the everyday motorist but for those who enjoy channelling their inner F1 driver they may prefer taking a look at other options.

In general, this tire hits all the marks it was designed to and is a solid performing all season tire.

Key features:

  • 80,000 miles limited tread life warranty
  • 3D sipes to provide biting edges
  • Dynamic Range Technology for added durability


  • Enhanced all season driving – as silica tread remains strong in dry weather while providing flexibility in winter weather use.
  • Hydroplaning resistance
  • Uneven surface stability


  • Dry traction could be better

Nokian Entyre 2.0

what are the best inexpensive tires

Nokian is a company that is well known for their tires performance on snow and icy roads, and the Entyre 2.0 is no exception. This tire is the best all season tire for snow on this list, something that has been backed up in various consumer reports and publications alike.

The tire has reliable dry/wet traction that comes with a comfortable ride which most will be satisfied with. However, the white rough stuff is where this tear really shines and the Nokian Entyre 2.0 is the best performing snow tire on the list.

This tire is perfect for sedans and will ensure that no matter the cold you are having to navigate, it won’t be your tires that will let you down.

 Key features:

  • The compound is environmentally friendly
  • The tire has better handling thanks to the reduced rolling resistance  


  • Great responsiveness and steering control in wet conditions
  • The ride is comfortable with reduced noise


  • Cornering ability on wet roads is sub-par

Arizonian Silver Edition III

good cheap tires

The little known Arizonian Silver Edition III was launched in 2015 and is an all season tire Designed for all types of family sedans, minivans and crossovers. This budget friendly tire is trustworthy braking and handling to go with an enjoyable ride.

Arizonian have improved on their original Silver Edition in several ways. Handling, comfort and treadwear have all been upgraded. The tire is grippy and the tread and siping design do a great job keeping the tire in contact with the road. The handling is smooth and responsive and shares similarities to far more expensive models.

As with most tires on this list, the Arizonian Silver Edition III will struggle when put up against heavy snow and ice. If you live in an area that is exceptionally cold you may want to consider other options.

Overall, this is a tire that will do a job. You’re not going to get dazzling performance but you are going to get reliability and comfort.

Key features:

  • 55,000-mile tread warranty
  • Optimized tread profile
  • Symmetric tread pattern


  • Durability
  • Ride is comfortable and quiet
  • Enhanched steering


  • Limited access as offered only through Discount Tire
  • Winter weather performance is below average

Westlake RP18

what are the best cheap tires

This is one of the most popular budget tires available and there have been many good consumer reports surrounding this tire. It is engineered for a wide spectrum of vehicles including all types of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers

What we loved most about the RP18 is its traction on dry and wet surfaces due to the unique tread pattern . Along with its steering which provides the driver with good feedback, the traction ranks up there with many tires that are considerably more expensive.

This tire encounters the same problems as its peers – namely traction and grip on snow and ice. The noise level isn’t great and can be particularly disappointing at higher speeds.

It is easy to see why this budget tire is so popular. It will be difficult to find a tire with similar performance for its price and is a great bang for your buck purchase.

Key feature:

  • Symmetrical tread pattern
  • Elaborate siping design


  • Longer tread life
  • Great traction on wet, and dry surfaces
  • Offers a comfortable driving experience


  • A bit of noise production
  • Poor braking on snow and ice surfaces

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Best Cheap Tires – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I improve the lifespan of my tires?

Everyone would love to increase the lifespan of their tires. Not only are you saving yourself time but also money. The lifespan of your tires is largely determined by their compound and the quality of the product, however, there are certain ways to squeeze a couple more miles out of your current set.

  • Rotate your tires yearly to ensure even wear
  • Check air pressure regularly as poor tire pressure can increase rolling resistance
  • Make sure your tires are aligned to avoid excess wear
  • Using the same brand of tire for all four tires

Do my driving habits affect the life of my tyres?

Yes. Here are several tips to help increase the life of your tyres:

  • Don’t speed. High speeds can generate excessive heat, which can decrease the lifespan of the tires.
  • Avoid fast turns on curves and around corners.
  • Avoid fast starts and sudden, aggressive stops.
  • Don’t ride on the edge of the pavement or drive over curbs, potholes, or other obstructions as these can damage the tire.

When should worn tyres be replaced?

Worn tires should be replaced by trained personnel when 1.6mm tread depth remains. This as indicated by tread wear indicators molded into the tread grooves. Tires used with tread lower than 1.6mm pose a safety risk and have a higher probability of failing

For more tire ratings, make sure to visit Wholesale Tires Company.