Best All Season Truck Tires

Tires are one of the more under-appreciated aspects of motoring. Whether you are driving a pickup, crossover or SUV, tires can often mean the difference between potential life and death scenarios. Not only do you want a tire brand that performs well when it’s called upon, but one that provides a comfortable ride and offers a comfortable ride.


best all season tires for suv

Defender LTX M/S

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best all season trucks tires

Scorpion Verde All Season

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best highway truck tires

Destination LE 2

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We have put together a comprehensive list of the 10 best all-season tires for trucks and everything you need to know about them.

best all season truck tires

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

best suv tires

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is for shuttles, vans, light trucks and off road jeeps. Although Expensive, these tires are top class if cruising cross country is something you enjoy

The Defender LTX M/S integrates stable independent tread block patterns with Evertrend synthesis. This Evertread compound is also resistant to wear and tear. Alongside this durability,

The tire has excellent wet and snow traction ensuring your safety in most tricky situations.

It also features high-density 3D active sipes. This patch is designed with four wide circumferential channels and multiple lateral grooves. The tire has superb load bearing capacity and the 70,000 mile warranty over 6 years. Even once the warranty has worn off, these tires should bear tread for another couple thousands miles.

Comfort Control Technology allows for good bump absorption and The tread design helps mitigate vibration and ride noise. The MaxTouch Construction helps in reducing rolling resistance and increasing fuel efficiency. This tire is a great choice for off road vehicles and will help increase the longevity of load bearing vehicles.

The overall performance of the Michelin Defender LTX M/S is definitely something to write home about and this is one of the best all season truck/SUV tires in the world

 Key Features

  • Intelligent tread design limits noise
  • Comfort Control Technology smooths bumps in the road
  • Load bearing capacity


  • Great Warranty
  • Evertrend compound provide durable tread life, wear-resistance and wet & snow traction
  • Good resistance to hydroplaning
  • Greater fuel efficiency due to reduced rolling resistance


  • Expensive
  • Ride can be harsh
  • Perform as well in mud and other off road terrain

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

best all season trucks tires

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is a tire designed to hit all of the benchmarks you would expect of a premium touring all-season touring tire while being environmentally friendly in the process. The tire is built for SUV’s, pickups and crossover vehicles

Pirellis have focused on lowering the carbon footprint of this tire in improving the fuel efficiency. This is done by reducing the rolling resistance of the tire and using lighter materials in its production.

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus performance is something to definitely write home about and the excellent traction in a variety of conditions is achieved through silica-enhanced tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design. Four wide circumferential grooves reduce your likelihood of aquaplaning and longitudinal and high-density lateral sipes aid winter driving and high speed stability.

Pirelli also provides a 65,000 mile tread warranty on the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus and its durability is improved with two high-tensile steel belts and a polyester cord body.

If you are looking for a tire that is both comfortable and performs across the board it is difficult to look past this Pirelli offering.       

 Key Features

  • Longitudinal sipes and high-density lateral sipes ensure winter driving and stability at high speeds.
  • Reduced rolling resistance and light weight construction
  • 65,000 mile tread warranty.     


  • Excellent handling and traction in different conditions
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Large size range
  • Overall performance which is an improvement on its predecessor


  • Some road noise

Firestone Destination LE 2

best highway truck tires

Whether its movies or tires, sequels are never easy to pull off. Firestone has one a superb job with the Destination LE 2 which manages to “one up” its predecessor with better overall performance. This tire is built for drivers of all types of pickups, crossovers, vans and SUVs.

When compared to the original the Destination LE 2 makes noticeable improvements in a number of areas. The traction has improved due to silica enhanced all-season tread compound and symmetric tread pattern while the center rib and notched shoulder blocks increase the handling and ability in the corners.

The tread life is good, and Firestone guarantees the tire for up to 60,000 miles. You can really feel how all the tweaks have combined to create a far more comfortable and pleasurable driving experience.

The only spot where you might come into a bit of trouble is in hard packed snow or ice, but this tire isn’t specifically designed for that.

The Firestone Destination LE 2 is a fantastic overall performance that is on par with the best tires in its class. What’s more is this performance is more accessible than its rivals due to its lower price.

Key Features

  • 60,000 mile tread guarantee 
  • Unique cross grooves and zig-zag sipes for cold weather traction
  • Nylon reinforced for added strength and durability


  • Great dry and wet traction
  • Superior tread life
  • Excellent cornering and stability
  • Comfortable ride and minimal road noise


  • Struggles for traction on ice or hard packed snow.

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza All-Season Tire

all season truck tires

Bridgestone prides itself on providing top quality tires and the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza All-Season is no different.

This tire contains Bridgestone’s unique UNI-T AQII technology. Each tire has dual-layer tread compound which helps to prevent the regular hardening that is associated with long term usage. This makes the tire durable and even after years of use, it still handles well in wet conditions.

Each tire has large shoulder blocks and a continuous center rib which helps improve highway stability especially in windy conditions and on long journeys.

This tire features wide circumferential grooves with lateral notches and sipes which offers good traction throughout the seasons, even in light snow. The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza All-Season will ensure that despite the journey, it won’t be your tires that will let you down.

This is a particularly good looking tire which provides also provides a smooth, comfortable ride and is designed for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers

 Key features

  • 80,000 mile tread warranty
  • UNI-T AQII technology


  • Bridgestone’s unique UNI-T AQII technology provides durability
  • Good traction in all conditions
  • Sleek look with comfortable ride
  • Improved highway stability        


  • Breaking on ice could be better

Cooper Discoverer HTP

best rated highway all season truck tires

What we loved about the Cooper Discoverer HTP high performance initially was the smooth and more comfortable ride. This is courtesy of the computer optimized tread pitch sequence and there is not much road noise on the highway.

The tire exhibits strong tread life and even treadwear which many motorists will appreciate is a result of the construction which incorporates twin steel belts that are reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon. This R-Tech construction technology increases grip through the corners and handling in a variety of conditions.

Those who are a fan of really putting their vehicles through their paces may find the sidewalls a bit soft for their liking, but this isn’t a real complaint and only pertains to a small percentage of motorists.

Although the Cooper Discoverer HTP   doesn’t get the same shine as many of its rivals, it proves to be a quality tire and as a result of its lower price and provides some of the best value you’ll find in this class for SUV’s, crossovers and pickups.

Key Features

  • Unique serpentine sipe design adds biting edges for enhanced grip.
  • 65,000 tread guarantee
  • Circumferential grooves combat hydroplaning


  • Above average tread life
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Winter handling for this type of tire
  • Excellent dry and wet traction


  • High speed cornering stability could be better

Yokohama YK-HTX

best tires for suv all seasons

This tire was released in the Summer of 2014 and has incorporated a host of technologies in its design. It sports an all-season design and is built for all types of trucks, SUVs and crossovers.

We love the performance of the Yokohama YK-HTX. This tire has superb traction, especially on roads covered with heavy water or snow. It ranks among the top contenders in the class in this department. The YK-HTX has a smooth and quiet ride on highways while enjoying a superb tread warranty of 70,00 miles. It is also priced lower than many other tires in this space

Although the tire is able to handle light off road use, anything more is likely to get you into a spot of bother. This is not a tire designed to take on the wilderness, but this should be mentioned.

In general, there is little to complain about and a lot to like with the Yokohama YK-HTX and well worth the time when considering your next set of truck tires.

Key Features

  • Triple 3-D sipes for performance
  • YK-HTX Available in a wide variety of 15-20 inch sizes.

–    Orange oil and high silica content tread compound


  • Quality quiet ride
  • Fantastic tread warranty
  • Comfortable ride
  • Outstanding traction in all season


  • Off road use could be better.

General Grabber HTS60

suv tire reviews

The General Grabber HTS60 was designed to replace the original HTS. The HTS60 is built for all types of pickups, vans, crossovers and SUVs and is said to have improvements in performance, comfort and treadwear.

Generals have made the bold claim that their new model boasts improved treadwear of up to 25%. This is due to the company’s DuraGen Technology which utilizes a new cut and chip resistant tread compound providing better durability and general tread longevity.

The quality of ride has been addressed with unique sound barrier ribs which have been added. Comfort Balance Technology further assists with the betterment of the ride which helps to cushion the effect on bumps and imperfections in the road.

Performance features such as handling, traction and steering response have been bolstered via the tire’s continuous center rib, intermediate tread blocks and notched shoulders

Overall, The General HTS60 is one of the top models in the truck/SUV all-season class and is highly recommended.

Key Features

  • Wide range of 16-22 inch sizes, with speed ratings of S, T and H
  • Comfort Balance Technology for smoother ride
  • DuraGen Technology for better tread life


  • Excellent tread life
  • Handling on dry or wet surfaces
  • Good traction
  • Braking on wet or snow-covered road surfaces


  • Nothing obvious to report

Michelin Premier LTX

best all season tires for suv

The tire was launched in 2015 with the goal of providing superior all-season traction, ride comfort and a longer tread life to drivers of all types of pickups, light duty vans, crossovers and SUVs.

Michelin had drawn from their extensive tire knowledge to put together this quality product. There are many things to like about the Premier LTX, chief of which is the tires performance.

Michelin has packed this tire with technology. A combination of Sunflower oil and silica tread, EverGrip Technology and symmetric tread pattern increases the tires grip in a number of scenarios.

The ride is truly exceptional. The tire remains quiet regardless of the speed and bumps in the road are wonderfully smoothed out. Little can be heard in the way of road noise and overall, the ride is one you won’t be disappointed in.

The Premier LTX comes with a warranty of 60,000 miles which is above average for the class. This is due to twin steel belts that have been reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide cord that sit under a polyester casing ply

The Premier LTX is a class act and weighs in as one of the top-rated touring all-season tires for trucks, SUVs and crossovers.

Key Features

  • EverGrip technology is ground-breaking for the truck/SUV touring all-season class
  • 60,000 Mile warranty
  • 34 sizes available ranging from 16-22 inches, with speed ratings of H and V available


  • Great winter performance
  • Quiet at all speeds
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Terrific wet traction


  • No real problems at this stage

Continental CrossContact LX20

best all season suv tires

The Continental CrossContact LX20 is a touring all-season tire designed for SUV’s, pickups and crossovers.

This is a strong effort from Continental and there is a lot to like about the CrossContact LX20.

The tire performs well in all conditions and maintains good levels of traction whether tasked with pavement, gravel or dirt. The steering is sharp and the vehicle was sure in the corners. Eco-friendly tread compound is used in this tire which improves the mileage but doesn’t hinder the performance

Another thing we particularly like about this tire is the terrific guarantee. Continental have backed their tire with a warranty of 70,000 miles which is considerable.

There have been reports, especially as the tires get a little further into their life of vibrations stemming from the tires. This isn’t a concern across the board and most motorist are happy to report no such problems. 

The Continental CrossContact LX20 is a great all-round tire which offers a smooth and comfortable ride alongside great handling and traction.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly tread compound for enhanced mileage
  • Continuous center rib and independent tread blocks for improved grip
  • 70,000 mile tread guarantee


  • Excellent traction in dry, wet and snow
  • Superior tread life
  • Responsive handling and cornering
  • Great ride


  • Some have reported excess vibration

Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred All Season

best light truck tires all season

The Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred is an all season tire designed to perform under a variety of conditions. The tire is built for SUV’s, pickups and crossovers.

What is interesting about this tire is the technology Continental utilizes. The tread compound which contains unique polymers, is moulded into a directional tread pattern that also sports three distinct tread zones. These three zones are specifically for dry, wet and snow and each performs a separate function. The result is a tire that is solid through the corners, enjoys good traction in all conditions and is sure under braking, even on ice.

Like many truck tires, when the tread starts to wear you can hear some road noise, but this shouldn’t deter you from the Assurance CS TripleTred.

This particular model has outstanding overall value and one can have faith that you are trusting in a quality product when fitting the Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred All Season to your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Multi tread zone design
  • Goodyear’s Evolving Traction Grooves
  • 65,000 mile tread guarantee.


  • Great handling year round
  • Excellent ride comfort
  • Superior tread life
  • Great value for money


  • Road noise when tire starts to wear

Most of the tires have capability to clean themselves, but if not, consider checking our blog – How to Clean Wheels and Tires.

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Best All Season Truck Tires – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bigger Tires Use More Gas?

This is mainly dependent on traffic conditions. If your truck is most often driven on free-flowing highways or areas with low traffic density your mileage will increase. If you spend most of your time driving in stop/start traffic your mileage will decrease as it takes more energy to get the tires rolling from a dead stop.

Should I Get P or LT Tires For My Truck?

If your SUV comes fitted with P-metric tires it may be best to replace them. The P stands for passenger and is not designed to handle heavy loads. LT stands for Light Truck. These are tires that are best used if you are regularly having to transport any significant weight.

How Long Do All-Season Tires Last?

In most cases you will get between 40,000-60,000 miles out of a set of all season tires. If you regularly are driving around 10,000-12,000 miles per you are generally going to look at replacing them every four years. This is also dependent on your driving style.

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