Antares Tires Review

Antares landed a spot in the competitive tire market by catering to car owners on a tight budget, looking for a competent set of replacement tires. The company is based in China and finds its way into the US market through Horizon Tires, acting as its distributor. Let’s have a deeper look into these entry-level tires and see whether they are worth your attention.


Antares Grip 60 Ice

Grip 60 Ice

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Antares Comfort A5 HT

Comfort A5 H/T

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Antares Ingens A1

Ingens A1

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Antares Tires (Brand Overview)

Antares Tires Overall Assessment

If you keep your expectations in check, you’ll be satisfied with what you get with Antares tires. Though they won’t blow you away in terms of quality, performance, or durability, the overall package is decent enough for anyone looking for a competent set of spare tires.

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Within the budget space, Antares is a contender to reckon with in terms of handling. The tire manufacturer knows when to compromise and when to deliver, and this is clearly evident in how special care was put to ensure the tire’s smooth control and safety on the road.

Furthermore, Antares’ versatile catalog of tires is nothing but impressive. The company offers options for different vehicles and various weather conditions to ensure you find just the right budget tire you’re looking for.


By now, we established that the entire production process takes place overseas, and this speaks directly to the quality standards you can expect from such tires. If you don’t go too hard on them, Antares tires should deliver a pretty good performance that covers the needs of most drivers.

It’s worth mentioning that Antares offers a tread warranty for under 40,000 miles. Such an offering is slim compared to the industry standards; however, we shouldn’t forget that Antares is playing by different rules here, as it targets the budget end of the market, so it’s unfair to expect more.


Price is Antares’ greatest asset! The company manages to strike just the right balance between decent performance and affordable prices, delivering a well-rounded package for car owners on a budget. Though there are tons of cost-effective tires out there, not many realize such a balance as good as Anatres does.

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Antares tires borrow many design elements from their more expensive counterparts, giving these budget tires a chance to shine in challenging situations. The company offers dedicated models for different weather conditions and terrains, which translates into an overall sturdy dry and wet traction.

Furthermore, whether you own an SUV, minivan, or a passenger car, Antares has a tire set for you. Of course, you can expect the budget-friendly brand to avoid the more premium and specialized categories like racing and extreme off-road sports. 

Fuel Efficiency

The one area that could benefit from some improvement is fuel consumption. It’s understandable that Antares can’t dump as much resources into research when compared to the industry-leading manufacturers. This shows in how the tires’ tread design is less optimal in minimizing friction and lowering the rolling resistance.


The fact that you even get any sort of tread warranty with these budget tires deserves appreciation on its own. The tread life span you get out of the box is pretty decent and can keep you on the road with no issues for a long enough time. 

Asking anything more is unreasonable considering the price at which Antares sells its tires. Even if you face any issues beyond the warranty mileage, you’d probably already have had your money’s worth out of your purchase and can opt for another set to keep you up and running.

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During our testing, we noticed that Antares tires provide a good sense for the road with decent handling over a variety of terrains, in addition to an impressive braking distance considering the price. Furthermore, the tires managed to truly surprise us with their acceptable level of noise, as we expected them to be way louder before putting them to the test.

The Best Antares Tires?

Antares Grip 60 Ice

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Let’s kick off our list with a set of tires designed specifically for ice. The Grip 60 Ice comes with numerous sipes arranged for an excellent bite on ice-covered roads. This way, you get more control with minimal chance of slippage.

Antares Comfort A5 H/T

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With two steel cord belts at its core, the Comfort A5 H/T delivers great durability and puncture resistance. It’s also a great choice for rainy winters thanks to its excellent wet traction.

Antares Ingens A1

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If you want uncompromising performance on the highway, the Ignes A1 is here to answer your call. The tires maintain excellent stability at high speeds, in addition to keeping noise levels to a minimum. Feel free to check our Antares Ingens A1 Review here.

Antares Majoris M5

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We’ve got another entry designed for wet surfaces, and this time around, the Majoris M5 comes armored by silicon technology tread to repel water. The unique shoulder design combined with the wave-shaped grooves share in maintaining an excellent grip on the slippery, wet road.

Antares Deep Digger M/T

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Our next entry is dedicated to light truck owners who want to venture off the beaten path. The Deep Digger M/T has all that it takes to withstand the harsh off-road conditions.

Antares SU-800 A/T

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We’ll wrap up our list with yet another light truck set of tires: the SU-800 A/T. These tires deliver an all-terrain option that balances on and off-road driving.

Antares Tire Customer Review

Mark V. says: “For their price, these tires have exceeded my expectations. I usually drive to the city, where it’s wet or dry on the highway. I’ll wait for the winter season to see how well they fare against the snow.

Mark V. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

Brian C. says: “At first, I wasn’t completely on board before purchasing these tires, but I’m happy that I did. I have nothing to regret as I’m getting great traction and excellent treadwear. Before I sold my car, I already had 40k on my Antares tires.”

Brian C. posted 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) review

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