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Tire Reviews

Driving an amazing car with poor quality tires is just a sin. 

On Wholesale Tires Company we provide in-depth tire reviews for laymen drivers as well as petrol heads. 

A good quality set of tires  guarantees that your car will perform to its full potential in every aspect, from safety right down to its top speed. 

The challenge  of finding the ‘right’ tires is often stressful and can be a mission for some people but at Wholesale Tires Company we make the process easy..

The key areas we focus on in our tire reviews are:

  • Performance of the tire on different surfaces
  • The differences in tires
  • Available sizes in specific tire models
  • Brake effect the tire gives
  • High speed control attributes for the tire
  • Seamless steering and alignment
  • Sound characteristics of the tire 
  • Tread warranty
  • Lowest price for the tire and where to find them
  • Rating of tire amongst tires of the same price category and nature

On Wholesale Tires Company you won’t have to jump around to numerous sites  because we make a point to review every major tire brand and model..

Our Tire Review Process

On Wholesale Tires Company we aim to guide you to the right  tire for your car!

Whether you are looking for  winter season tires or summer tires for high performance, we’ve got you covered. 

In our tire reviews we set out the pros and cons, as well as provide information to compare tires and prices. 

We stress test all tires we review in both wet and dry terrains.

The four main points we focus on in our  tire reviews are:


Durability is a tool to eliminate in-field failures and maximize operational uptime. We value tires that have great durability and can withstand high-mileage. 

Performance and Control

Performance and control refers to the way in which  car tires respond and react to all different aspects such as driving, steering, accelerating and braking. Handling on your tires is vital as this provides you with safety and stability for your vehicle. Handling also adds to the pleasure of driving.

Comfort Fuel Efficiency

Tires are rated between the letters ‘A-G’. ‘A’ is classified to be the most fuel efficient, whilst ‘G’ represents the least fuel efficient. The difference between these categories are significant, as this means a decrease or increase in fuel consumption of up to 3-4%.

Value for Money

The tire market is massive and offers a wide variety of high quality products. Drivers can choose from products that are developed and tested on all kinds of terrains and conditions. Price can vary significantly. We focus on four main price categories: Premium, Mid-range, Economy and Budget . 

Best Tires for Different Terrains and Conditions

The real test of a tire is when you are on the road itself. Whether the roads are soaking wet or hot and dry, we make certain of all our  reviews are based tests across  different terrains and conditions. 

We then categories our tire reviews by type, here are a few popular categories: 

Best Cheap Tires

Cheap tires are a great way to save money, but in saying this you need to buy quality tires for a reasonable price, otherwise cheap tires will cost you more in the long run when you have to change them more frequently. Here’s our picks for the best cheap tires.

Best Summer Tires

Summer tires perform extremely well on the dry roads. Summer tires offer incredible braking and cornering capabilities. The tread of summer tires are designed to be more flexible, resulting in the car sticking to the road like a dream. Here are our picks for the best summer tires.

Best Load Range E Truck Tires

The load range represents the ply rating and load pressure. A rating of ‘E’ for example means the tire has a ply rating of 10 and a load pressure of 80 psi. Here are our picks for the best load range E truck tires.

Best Winter Tires

Winter tires perform well  in the rain and on wet roads, but most of them are not designed to specifically deal with loads of rain. The key with winter tires is to look for ones with open tread on the tire itself, because this helps push the water out of the tire. Here are our top picks for best winter tires.

Quietest Tires

Summer touring tires are the quietest tires you will find and these tires work extremely well in warm and dry weather. Most season tires are not as quiet but do provide a more smooth and comfortable ride.

Best Mud Tires

You will be looking for the best mud tires if you spend lots of time in muddy off-road conditions. The tread of these tires provides lateral stability and amazing traction in the mud. The stone ejectors help protect the tread and reject stones and clears all mud away. These tires are designed for off-road adventures.

Best All Season Truck Tires

These tires are designed to make the experience of driving large vehicles that much better on the road through rain and wetter weather. The tread is also designed to last longer than normal tires, resulting in more miles out of the tires. These tires also offer a better grip on the road. These tires are proven to improve fuel efficiency as well as braking ability. Click here for more best all season truck tires.

Best All Season Tires

All season tires are meant to work in any climate above plus-minus 7 degrees, although All-Season tires generally perform better in warmer climates. The rubber on these tires are designed to extract water and provide maximum grip and control. More info on the best all season tires can be found here.

Popular Tire Brand Reviews

Premium Tire Brands


Goodyear tires are recognized as one of the top tire manufacturers for a reason. They consistently make quality and durable tires that one can always rely on. To top it all off, the handling and traction is a dream. Make sure to read our Goodyear tire reviews.


Michelin tires are some of the best tires one will find. Experts and customer reviews confirm that Michelin sits near  the top of the list on every model they manufacture. Michelin offers some of the best tires across multiple tire categories. Make sure to read all of our Michelin Tires Reviews.


Bridgestone offers a variety of different tires to fit any driver’s needs. Bridgestone is in high demand and is one of the more popular tires out there. Overall, braking and accelerating is very responsive in Bridgestone tires. (Full Bridgestone Tire Review here)


Pirelli is an Italian manufacturer that was founded in 1872 in Milan. which is the 5th largest producer of tires in the world. Pirellis is known as a real driver’s tire brand thanks to their focus on designing premium high-quality tires for the average motorist. For more click here Pirelli Tires Review.

We also highly recommend Hankook tires, here’s more info about them – Hankook Tires Review.

Mid Range Tire Brands

BF Goodrich

BFGoodrich tires are made for all of the enthusiasts out there that enjoy spending a weekend battling rocky and uneven tracks. BFGoodrich tires are designed to stick and handle the conditions they are faced with. For more info, read our full article on BF Goodrich reviews.


Cooper tires has a progressive approach to all aspects of the business with serious investments and deep research. This, amongst many other factors, makes Cooper tires one of the leading brands in the industry. Make sure to read our Cooper Tires Review.


Yokohama is a Japanese tire manufacturer that was founded in 1917. They have been involved in tire design and production for over a century and their innovative, well-made tires are known the world over. Make sure to read our full Yokohama Tires Review.


Sentury tires have become more popular in recent years, specifically for the motorist that is looking to purchase tires on a budget but is not prepared to compromise on the quality. For more info visit this page Sentury Tires.

Still unsure of which mid-range tires to go for, feel free to dig into more of our reviews!

Economy Tire Brands


Mastercraft tires focus on the quality and performance of the tire. These tires are in the average price range, which makes Mastercraft a good selection if you are concerned about value for money. If you want to read more, you can do that here – Mastercraft Tires Reviews.


Continental tires have a great reputation for focusing on safety and performance. Performance is Continental’s passion and it is a great brand if you are in the market for a good quality set of tires. Read our Continental Tire Reviews here.


Sumitomo has been manufacturing affordable, yet high quality tires for over 100 years and since then they’ve become a world-renowned exporter of tires. Make sure to read our full Sumitomo Tires Review.

You should also consider checking out Sumitomo’s sub-brand Sumic. Click here for our Sumic Tire Review.

Hercules Tires are another great choice, you can find our full review here Hercules Tires Reviews.

Some more options that we recommend you consider:

Budget Tire Brands


Firestone tires accommodate drivers on a budget. This brand offers specialized tires for most vehicles. Firestone is a great option if cash is tight. Read more about Firestone tires in our full Firestone Tire Reviews post.


Fuzion tires are also a good choice, make sure to read our fuzion tires review.

There are even more options in case the ones above aren’t a good fit for you:

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